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Just like Momma used to make!

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    What is your Mum's (or Dad's!) signature dish?

    My Mum makes a top notch cottage pie.
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    my mum makes AMAZING stone baked pizzas. like, i don't really order pizzas at restaurants anymore because they aren't as good. i could go for one right now...
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    My mum makes an awesome chicken and sweetcorn soup!

    Marry it with my dad's sunday roast and I'm in a very good place. :cool:

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    mam (R.I.P) - her sunday roast

    my dad, his home made beef burgers
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    my mum rarely ever cooks but when she does it's awesome
    she once made these amazing breaded pork goujon things, oh and her double chocolate muffin and cherry trifle.

    i love my dad's spaghetti bolognese, mince and potato curry & barbecues in general
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    Banana cake
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    And lemon drizzle cake :P
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    ice cream in my lemonade.
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    My mum makes a killer lasagne.

    My dad doesn't cook, just takes things out the freezer and puts them in the oven.
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    My mum makes a brillant roast, as everyone will say few people prefer anything than their home roast.
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    My mum makes the best dhal ever!
    My dad makes the best naan ever!
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    My mum makes a decent roast.

    My dad's repetoire consists of cheese toasties and curried mince. Before he was married, I used to go round and the only thing he ever cooked was fried mince with a jar of curry sauce.
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    Dad's is chocolate mouuse and mum's is prob chicken soup

    But both are trained cooks so good at everything:-D
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    My mum makes amazing lentil soup - the consistency is always PERFECT.
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    Chicken supreme.

    It just doesn't quite the right taste or have the right texture being Quorn supreme now haha! Mainly it's the sauce that wasn't the right thickness or taste when she tried making a veggie one for me.
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    Mum - crab, mango and mint salad.

    Dad - shredded potato, ham and cheese mix. His version of Rösti, its amazing.
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    pancakes and spaghetti with meat and other stuff that has no name!

    My dad can't cook anymore!
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    Her curries! Particularly her fish and veg ones.
    I've literally just finished cooking my first ever veg curry now and I'm soooooooooo ecstatic over the fact that it tastes just like hers! :ahee:

    Also, her pasta! No one can 'Asian up' spag bol like mommy dearest (meaning make it spicy and whatnot) :ahee:
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    My mum makes really good cakes, particularly chocolate ones.

    My dad, on the other hand, barely cooks - but he makes a Swedish tea ring at Christmas.

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    Mum makes amazing lasagne :coma: and sausage casserole mmm.


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Updated: March 2, 2012
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