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TSR MHoC 1st By-Election

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    tehFrance, Independent
    JPKC, TSR Labour
    wizardtop, TSR Liberal Democrat
    Lipvig, TSR Conservative & Unionist
    tufc, TSR UKIP
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    The TSR Model House of Commons is holding its first ever by-election! Following the closure of one of the TSR parties, 3 MP seats are up for grabs. The candidates manifestos are below. Please read through them and feel free to ask the candidates any questions you may have. You may vote for more than one candidate and voting will be open until the 8th March.

    You must have been on TSR more than 3 months and have more than 150 posts to vote.

    If you meet this criteria but have negative reputation, you may find yourself unable to vote. If this is the case, please send me a PM with who you wish to vote for and I shall amend the poll accordingly.

    If you want to find out more about the Model House of Commons, click the links in my sig!

    Good luck all!

    tehFrance, Independent Candidate
    I tehFrance am running as an Independent MP within the MHoC, some of my policies are detailed below

    If elected as an Independent MP within the MHoC I will make it my life’s passion to deregulate the Economy to the extent that there is little to no government interference. What right does the government have in the business of private corporations, after all they are people too!

    I am strongly in favour of Education reform as I believe that within the UK the school system is not challenging enough and there needs to be a strict regime of teaching science subjects from an early age, I favour a similar system to the International Baccalaureate and I will fight for such reform!

    I am a strong believer in the Mixed Medical Economy, I believe it is the way forward in a country that is clinging on to the glorious past of an ailing institution. The Mixed Medical Economy would do wonders for the budget!

    I favour stronger trade links with the Commonwealth of Nations and tighter integration with Europe... I will however fight to protect the City, they can take away Wales for all I care as long as the City is protected!

    Due to the word limit I cannot go much further however please feel free to ask me questions

    Vote tehFrance for an Equal, Integrated, Stronger United Kingdom!

    JPKC, TSR Labour Party Candidate

    wizardtop, TSR Liberal Democrat Party Candidate
    My Name is Wizardtop and I am standing as the Lib Dem candidate in this By-Election

    I have strong views on a number of issues but those that are particularly close to my heart are:

    - The benefit and Welfare system
    - Housing
    - Defence
    - Education

    Benefits and Welfare - We need a better benefits and welfare system. Only those who are truly entitled to benefits and welfare should receive it.
    I believe that for too long have some individuals have been wrongfully claiming benefits, and some have been claiming said benefits without proving they are entitled to said benefits. I would like to see stricter policies on this issue.

    Education - I believe that teenagers who need additional support because they missed part of their education through illness, family problems, or something similar should be given extra support. Even this means having extra classes to catch up with work they missed.
    Training schemes to get those who are unemployed qualified and back to work should be introduced.

    Housing - Individuals who need support are single mothers, elderly and the disabled. They also needs to be housing made available that is safe and meets the required housing standards and isn’t in dispute or unsafe.

    Defence - We need more money spent on defence and more equipment. Too many of our soldiers are going to fight in foreign countries without the proper kit that they need to survive. This is unacceptable!

    These are my policies, Thank you for reading,

    Lipvig, TSR Conservative & Unionist Party Candidate
    My name is Lipvig. I'm a fiscal conservative and social libertarian. I believe in small government and freedom of the individual. That means, more freedom for you!

    I have been an active member of the forums for several months now, particularly in the politics section. I am currently Shadow Minister for Skills, so whilst I am not the oldest member of the MHoC by any means, I have that unique blend of dynamism of being a newish member along with the experience of having served in this position for a while now. One of my bills is currently being debated by parliament.

    If elected, I will actively debate bills and fight not just for what I believe to be right, but what you believe to be right. An MP must represent those who elected him and this is my priority - I will give you a voice.

    My beliefs involve the downsizing of government involvement in our lives and balancing the budget.

    I aim to represent the Conservative party, under whose banner I stand, my own views, and more importantly, yours!

    Politicians think only as far as the next election, statesmen think to the next generation. Vote Lipvig and the Conservatives - A party of statesmen.
    Thank you.

    tufc, TSR UKIP Party CandidateFor a long time, I have felt that the Conservative Party have pandered too much to the multi-culti, politically correct rhetoric of the left, and I see only one party that can truly preserve the Britain we know and love: UKIP. Issues that I feel particularly strongly on, and fully support UKIP's policy on include:

    -Multiculturalism: Whilst I have no qualms with a multiracial society, I feel that the different races should all be united by British culture, not foreign culture. This is Britain, and it should be for the British, whatever colour they are.

    -Criminal Justice: The supposed rights of criminals have gone far too far, and are now impinging upon the rights of law-abiding citizens. If someone illegally enters your home, you should be allowed to use whatever force you deem necessary at the time to defend your property, without fear of prosecution under absurd laws that put the criminals before their victims

    -Welfare: A functional welfare system is vital to a strong country. The problem is, that welfare system has been turned from a system to support those in need, into a system that encourages rank idleness. Being British is about hard work, and a system that encourages people to live off others' hard work is a catastrophe; this is what we have at the moment.

    Politics is of great importance to me, as is spreading the message that Britain needs to be saved, and UKIP are the only party to do that.
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    Hi, I'm tufc and I'm the UKIP candidate; any questions are more than welcome.


    From what I've read, I have interpreted that he wants to:

    -Ban private schools: a disgraceful interference on what families can choose to individually do. He believes that if private schools are banned, parents will send cheques into their children's state school, to be distributed amongst the other children. Does anyone actually think anyone would do this? No, what would happen is the state school system would be completely overrun by the 7% of UK school children who currently go to private schools, and it would fail.

    -Completely abandon immigration controls: this is a ridiculous policy that would see the UK overrun by immigrants. The welfare system would fail, as would the economy, and the UK would be a Third World country within 5 years.

    -Unconditionally remove the UK's nuclear deterrent: I think everyone with a single brain cell would love the World to come together and agree to abandon all nuclear arms projects. But JPKC wants the UK to just give up its nuclear deterrent, in the blind hope that everyone else then will (including Iran, by the way).

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    EVERYONE VOTE! :woo:
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    There is only one choice in this Election: wizardtop

    (If it was preferential voting, my other choices will be interesting)

    I am saying this as a disabled student on benefits.

    (Original post by wizardtop)
    Good Luck
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    (Original post by tehFrance)
    What are your reasons for running as an independent and not a party candidate?
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    I voted for wizardtop, good luck!
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    Good luck to all candidates. I wouldn't say Lipvig is the best candidate... but he's in the top 1!!! Then tehFrance definitely. Some very strong candidates here
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    (Original post by tufc)
    Hi, I'm tufc and I'm the UKIP candidate; any questions are more than welcome.
    What are your views on:

    a) Immigration
    b) Iran?
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    Come on guys: ask me questions; challenge me!
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    Feel free to ask me any questions as well.
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    tehFrance has got to get my vote
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    Good luck Wizardtop!
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    (Original post by toronto353)
    What are your reasons for running as an independent and not a party candidate?
    The party is not for me anymore, it had been like that for a while but OS persuaded me to stay on but then I got fed up and resigned. I feel I can do better as an independent without restrictions on what bills I can vote yes or no on for instance.
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    I think that I've been relatively specific in my manifesto, but please feel free to ask me any questions. As the only left-of-centre candidate in this election I'll try and debate the other candidates' responses too.
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    (Original post by JPKC)
    As the only left-of-centre candidate
    Left of Centre... more like far left, you want the benefits system to not be the safety net it was designed to be but a system that is overly generous and enables people to keep on living on benefits... how is that left of centre? it is Socialism! giving people more benefits than they need will only lead to them wanting to stay on the "dole" and not get a job, cut down benefits to the minimum and people will be more inclined to go find work as they will have to if they wish to have money for whatever it is they spend their* money on.

    *By their I mean money they have earned themselves, any money given to them while on benefits is considered a loan by the State that must be paid back by the taxes they earn once they have a job in my view.
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    (Original post by tehFrance)
    Vote tehFrance for an Equal, Integrated, Stronger United Kingdom!
    How do you think your policies will make Britain more equal? I never thought that was the concern of any economic libertarians.
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    (Original post by JPKC)
    I think that I've been relatively specific in my manifesto, but please feel free to ask me any questions. As the only left-of-centre candidate in this election I'll try and debate the other candidates' responses too.
    I would argue that TSR Lib Dems are firmly left-of-centre.
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    (Original post by JPKC)
    How do you think your policies will make Britain more equal? I never thought that was the concern of any economic libertarians.
    Equal in that I intend to have the education system scrapped and redone from scratch so that people from all walks of life have better opportunities than they do now to move up from Working class to lower middle class to upper middle class.

    It is the equality of brilliant education that will help people become equally well off to those that were born into it.

    Obviously I can't help those that don't try but I can encourage them to do so.
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    (Original post by mevidek)
    What are your views on:

    a) Immigration
    b) Iran?
    a) Immigration

    Immigration should be drastically reduced. For too long, we have acted as a charity, accepting whoever wants to come and abuse our welfare system. Future immigration should be on a Canada-style points basis, and no-one who does not have either wealth or a qualification that will almost ensure socio-economic success (e.g. Medicine graduates) will be accepted. This is to stop the incessant bolstering of the underclass we have seen in the last few years through immigration, which has ceased to be done to benefit the country, and has only been done to benefit the prospective immigrant.

    b) Iran

    It is an incredibly tricky issue. And one we have to approach with an attitude of trying to avoid a third conflict in the Middle East since the turn of the Millennium.
    It seems fairly obvious that Iran's nuclear programme is one of aggression. And we have to act to stop a country that despises the West and Israel from procuring nuclear weapons. How we do this, though, is the toughest question. I believe we should try and use the diplomatic route first; however if that fails then military action would have to considered. It should, though, be approached with the priority of keeping British troops out of Iran.
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    (Original post by xXedixXx)
    I would argue that TSR Lib Dems are firmly left-of-centre.
    You're presence has reminded me of a key pledge I neglected to put in my manifesto.

    If elected, I promise to engage constructively in debates, never placing any personal prejudices above the interest of reaching a reasoned conclusion. I'm willing as a candidate to listen, persuade and compromise if the facts demand so.
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