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At what age can you no longer say "I'm still young"?

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    Depends on the setting...I'm 27 and feel old for uni, but am definitely the baby in work, where I'm a good 15-30 years younger than most of my colleagues!
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    As long as you're still economically active (working). Once you retire you don't really have the funds to embark on new ventures.
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    When you start getting white hair.
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    (Original post by Aspiringlawstudent)

    I like to think of life as having three principal segments;

    0-30 = young
    30-60 = middle aged
    60-90 = old

    Above this, very old.
    Haha, I'm pretty sure most 30 year olds would be pretty shocked if someone called them "middle aged"! I realise it's not a clearly defined term, but I think it tends to be associated with people around 45-55
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    20 or 21.
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    (Original post by Megaross)
    I'm always gonna have a mental age of 6, if I stop finding the word willy funny then shoot me in the face. Don't even ask just point and shoot.
    I just laughed at willy...
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    (Original post by Stratos)
    I just laughed at willy...
    It's a funny word!
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    I think when you are 21 you have no chance of getting away with it
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    I think you should act in accordance with your age, life circumstances and responsibilities. For example, a 19 year old with a baby shouldn't be out clubbing every night because it's irresponsible, however if you're 30 with no kids then that's up to you as you're not harming anyone.
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    I'm 20 and I still watch SpongeBob.
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    (Original post by ThePants999)
    Though much of it is down to whether you feel young or not, I'd say for most this is a good number.


    ^ Spongebob will never get old!
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    I don't think people on here know many 30 years olds if they think a 30 year old is middle aged.

    Also when did the life expectancy become 60?

    I'm in my early 20s btw.
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    It's hard to say really. It is quite the frame of mind!
    I'm 26 and I don't feel very young because of what I am looking for in life right now, but I'm sure there are those 10 years older who have a much younger outlook.
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    Generally 30ish, though it does depend on the individual e.g. in some respects I look/act rather younger than I actually am :rolleyes:

    For me middle aged: 40-60
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    (Original post by INTJ)
    once you're in your late 20s - early 30s, you're not really considered young anymore.
    A person in his late twenties is still young if I am not mistaken.
    It`s not like you suddenly turn old at 27.
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    You're only as old as the person you feel
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    (Original post by Airfairy)
    What do you class as the age where you can stop saying "I'm still young" as an excuse for not having done things you want to/doing silly things?
    When you get married/co-habitating and have kids.
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    (Original post by im so academic)
    When you get married/co-habitating and have kids.
    What about if "I'm still young" is your excuse for not having done that..? Does it still count even if you're 90?
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    30 that's when I plan to ditch the short skirts and hot pants
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    When you're dead. I have a great uncle that's 71 but acts 21 and he manages just fine.


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