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Coventry Offers.....still waiting, almost 5 months after sending off ucas!

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    Hi all,

    I applied at Coventry at their Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management (K240), and sent off my UCAS on November 20th. Now, almost 5 months later, I'm still waiting....out of all my courses I applied to,they had the lowest entry requirements (CCC)....and I already have offers for other similar courses with requirements of (BBC) or equivalent....

    Was just wondering, how long did it take Cov to get back to you? Or are any of you doing the same/similar course of the same school?


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    november 20th was 3 months and about 11 days ago

    Cov took 3 months to get back to me when i applied years ago, don't worry
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    Cov was the last university to get back to me!
    Cant remember how long it took though!
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    Coventry was the first uni to get back to me (I had put them as firm and insurance, so I cancelled all my other applications there and then!)... that was five years ago though.....
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    Last year Coventry got back to me around March so I don't think you have too long to wait
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    i applied on the 10th of jan, 5 days before the deadline and i got an offer for law within a week
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    Three years ago, when I was applying, they got back to me and everyone else who applied within 12 hours! Everyone I spoke to was shocked! Try ringing the admissions office, they've got a big team who can find out what's going on.
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    got the offer 14.12.11, applied around 22.11.11, so: damn fast, they were my first to answer. Maybe give them a call?
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    I think the deadline for giving out offers is around mid-march so check ucas for their deadline and if it goes past that then contact them I would say. Do not give up hope, there is still a chance.
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    That's a shame. I had my first offer from Coventry, within less than a week of applying.
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    Thanks everyone for your responses! I contacted them, and they said its something to do with my qualifications, and are waiting to get back to me.....Will keep you all updated hopefully!
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    I got my offer about a week after I send it off...only uni I've heard from so far though...
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    sent off my app in nov... recieved notices for interviews like 1-2 weeks later, then in dec coventry replied and asked for interviews too which was good as i could book when i wanted it. anyhow it gave me the best impression out of all the unis i applied for (well i didnt visit 3 of them lol... but sister went in my place as she was closer to them and was a designer so could give opinions on facilities n stuff)

    they work so fast tho i think!!


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Updated: June 4, 2012
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