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Do you wear ear plugs to night clubs?

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    (Original post by Psilocybe_frog)
    Lol, Wearing earplugs in a night club is roughly equivalent to wearing a blindfold in a cinema. If you're that concerned about your hearing don't go. If you are willing to neck your own bodyweight in alcohol then you should be able to handle the relatively small risk of developing a minor hearing problem. :rolleyes:
    Ear plugs don't completely dwarf the sound out- and in a lot of cases they can make the music sound better. Besides, you don't have to wear them all night. Some songs are particularly harsher than others, and sometimes the levels are a bit off etc.

    It's all very well being patronising about it, but if you have sensitive ears, it makes sense to use them. A lot of people in this thread don't seem to be able to grasp the concept that we all don't have the same level of hearing and some of us are prone to our ears getting damaged easier.
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    In London clubs like fabric etc more people wear ear plugs than you would think.
    you just don't notice unless your looking. How often do you stare at peoples ear hole?
    the only time I have noticed other people wear them is when I wear them

    I guess it would depend on the club as well people in the house and techno scene are more sound aware and tend to be more knowledgeable about sound so you will see some wear them compared to say oceana & tigertiger customers..

    just ask for them if u want them they are free and the orange ones are uv reactive and ask them for a decibel reading as well just for fun.
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    I always have done.

    I got in to the habit of wearing them when I was in my early teens because I went to so many concerts. I carry them in a small plastic case and always have them in my handbag.

    I can't stand having ringing in my ears, which I always get if I don't wear them, and the idea of having ringing permanently terrifies me.
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    (Original post by astros4ws)
    Think you'll find that the power of modern amplification in clubs now is far louder than anything your Mum would have experienced 20/30/40 years ago.
    The clubs I've been to aren't really that loud. I don't dare go in my flat mates room because that's where it gets really loud ! His speaker system is that loud that I would probably need ear plugs just for a few seconds of being there.

    I feel the need for ear plugs when a band is playing live. Certainly not at clubs when I've heard louder stuff 10 years ago at a holiday caravan site .

    I know something is loud when my heart is pumping. This doesn't really happen at the clubs I've been to. Maybe I've just been to all the right clubs.
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    Surely if you're going to a night club, you would want to go to hear the music and talk to(/shout at) your friends? So why would you choose to wear ear plugs?!

    Why the negs?!
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    (Original post by IsabelleMarie)
    Surely if you're going to a night club, you would want to go to hear the music and talk to(/shout at) your friends? So why would you choose to wear ear plugs?!
    Because it makes music clearer and less boomy, and actually makes voices much easier to hear. Try them in a particularly loud club!
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    Hmm never really thought of this to be honest, this thread has scared me a little (though I can tell some people are just scaremongering). If I go clubbing, my ears don't ring (at least I don't notice it) until I actually get into bed. Then they ring for maybe 2-3 minutes and I go to sleep.
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    (Original post by cl_steele)
    why in gods name would you wear earplugs?! its hard enough already to hear people in these places without them ...
    Professional ear plugs "turn down the volume" as opposed to muting the sound completely, good for if you're listening to a loud system often for better protection.

    Top DJ's use them so they can hear the sound system properly, they get them moulded to their own ears as well lol.
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    (Original post by Foghorn Leghorn)
    You only get long term tinitus if you expose your ears to that level of noise constantly, even then I've worked full time in a night club and never had any problems, neither has anyone I worked with. The chances of getting it just going on a night out occasionally are slim.
    I only went a few times and I got it. There's no definitive amount that a human needs to be exposed to to develop Tinnitus. It varies for everyone.
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    such a stupid thread.

    only in the student room
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    Since I've started going to a lot more house/techno clubs and parties, which tend to have a lot of bass at quite high volumes and go on until 6 or 7am, I'm really starting to consider ear plugs. You definitely won't catch anyone wearing them in the more student/mainstream clubs but you'll actually find that quite a few people who go out to the longer nights, do wear them.

    A lot of people seem to be saying that it will mute the music, you won't be able to hear it, it's already hard enough to have a conversation etc but with properly designed ear plugs that doesn't happen. They don't block any of the frequencies or cut out any detail, they simply lower the decibels, so you're hearing exactly the same thing but just a bit quieter. A friend of mine has a pair specially moulded which I tried out and they're actually amazing. You can hear everything just as you would normally and things actually sound clearer because your ears aren't being overloaded with sound. It actually makes it easier to have conversations, not harder.

    It's definitely something I'm going to look into.
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    (Original post by diving_queen)

    Unless you are dj'ing (thus have headphones)/the 'sound' guy or a lighting technician.
    You won't need ear plugs.

    EDIT: I think I need to make a point...I work in a bar/club. This music is LOUD. But I don't get tinnitus...or ear pain at all.
    Bar staff can't wear them or they would'nt hear a damn thing. Worse than per normal.

    So if bar staff can suffer 6+ hours serving drinks. Then people dancing can. And shouldn't stand right next to the amps. Thats just stupid.

    Haha this post seems to be controversial! Interesting how no one has quoted me to explain why they disagree...
    As a young member of the human species. I know NOONE. Not a SINGLE young human who wears ear-plugs clubbing. Its certainly not the norm.
    Didn't neg you, but the bar staff at one of my local clubs do wear earplugs.
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    There's no definitive amount that a human needs to be exposed to to develop Tinnitus.
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    (Original post by SleepySheep)
    Hahahaha silly billy. Ear plugs :rofl:

    Edit- rofl @ all the grandpas negging me. You know this is the student room, right? :rofl:
    I negged you because you come across as a хуй.
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    (Original post by Infallible)
    I negged you because you come across as a хуй.
    Lol, cheers. That neg worth zero cut me real deep :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by SleepySheep)
    Lol, cheers. That neg worth zero cut me real deep :rolleyes:
    I know, but it obviously affects you.
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    If you do, make it discreet.
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    I have noticed a fair amount of bar staff wear them.
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    (Original post by Infallible)
    I know, but it obviously affects you.
    Nah, if it bothered me I would neg you back.
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    (Original post by SleepySheep)
    Nah, if it bothered me I would neg you back.
    Feel free. As you may be able to see, I don't care about some 'e-rep'.


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