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    (Original post by TheDustyKid)
    I've applied for the Chemistry with Biomedicine MSc and was wondering about the chemistry facilities at King's. I know that King's previously had a strong chemistry department, but was closed down and 2012 will be the first year of this new course. Because of this, will the course be run just like any other, ie fully funded and supported? How many contact hours will there be (compared to, say, biology)? Has the chemistry department been revived?

    I'm also wondering if it's possible to study a language - German, particularly - outside of the course. As part of the uni, though. And also, with a course like chemistry, is it possible to be involved in the study abroad programmes? Could you direct me to more information on this.

    Thanks for your time!
    Hi TheDustyKid,

    Thanks very much for your question! The Chemistry Department is a really important part of King's, as it forms such an integral part of many other areas of study, including programmes in the Schools of Biomedical Sciences, Medicine and Natural and Mathematical Sciences. The course will run like all of our programmes and will be fully funded and supported, in fact many of the lecturers and researchers that were part of the original chemistry department are still at King's and will be leading this programme.

    In terms of contact hours, it may be better to check in with the department on this as, because this is the programme's first year, they will be able to offer the most up to date info. You can contact the department via email ([email protected]) or call the admissions team (020 7848 7213 or 2271).

    In terms of your query about studying a language outside of your degree at King's, this is absolutely possible! We have a Modern Language Centre at King's where German, among many other languages, is offered to students. Check out their website for a bit more info: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/artshums/depts/mlc/index.aspx

    With regards to Study Abroad, again as this is a new programme the department is looking into this and do hope to offer opportunities for Study Abroad in due course. The best idea for this would probably be to register your interest in it with the department either ahead of joining King's, or when you arrive.

    Hope this helps with you questions!


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    I'm interested in studying German and Russian and I really like King's but it doesn't appear to offer this course, are there any similar courses that would involve a study of both of these languages or the culture/history of these countries?

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    (Original post by rr0)

    Can you please let me know if you interview candidates for MSci and BSc maths courses.

    Hi rr0,

    Thanks for the question; I've checked with the admissions team for the Department of Mathematics and they don't interview for MSci and BSc mathematics programmes.

    Hope that helps!

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    (Original post by hannah_lou)

    I'm interested in studying German and Russian and I really like King's but it doesn't appear to offer this course, are there any similar courses that would involve a study of both of these languages or the culture/history of these countries?

    Hi hannah_lou

    Great question! Well we do offer BA German & History which does offer modules in the history of the Soviet Union and Russia. Check out the Online Prospectus for more info: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/prospectus/unde...header_search/.

    Our Modern Language Centre also offers the opportunity to study Russian at King's. It may be that you could study this as part of a credit bearing module (i.e. could count towards your degree) or if that's not available on this programme you could do this outside of your degree for a small fee, and sometimes for free depending on your eligibility.

    The German department or the admissions team for this programme would be able to advise you on what your options would be for this. You can contact them via email ([email protected] or [email protected]) or phone (020 7848 2374).

    Hope this helps!


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    Does KCL ever just let ucas automatically reject an applicant instead of replying to them?

    I'm concerned I'm not going to get a reply by March 29th
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    (Original post by AngryCheeseCake)
    Does KCL ever just let ucas automatically reject an applicant instead of replying to them?

    I'm concerned I'm not going to get a reply by March 29th
    Hi AngryCheeseCake,

    Thanks for your message.

    Just to confirm, you will always here from us through the myApplication portal about the status of your application, so make sure you are checking it regularly for updates: https://myapplication.kcl.ac.uk/ You will also get a message about the status via UCAS Track, but you will hear from us before, but make sure you keep checking regularly!

    If you are concerned that you haven't heard anything yet, you can email the admissions teams via myApplication and they will be able to update you on the status. You don't mention which programme you have applied for but depending which it is, some programmes don't make offers until they have received all applications so its not uncommon to have not heard yet, but as I say if you are concerned, please email through myApplication to get an update.

    Hope that helps

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    (Original post by Eastern)

    How many people are in the courses of IP and PIE? Since many IP students are directedto PIE course (including me), I assume that there is going to be a large number of students on that course?

    That's not an issue for me, just interesting.
    Hi Eastern,

    Thanks for your message; the size for PIE is set at around 80 full time students.

    Hope that helps


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    (Original post by Celinekrogh)
    I am an international student (from Norway) who is holding an offer on the philosophy, politics and law programme. To me, the programme sounds exciting and I think it would suit me well. But I am worried about the law part, and how I could use my degree in english lawin Norway? What possibilities are there except from working as a lawyer with this kind of degree?
    Hi Celinekrogh,

    Thanks for your message; great to hear that you are excited about the course and interested in joining us!

    Essentially this is a broad degree which, on completion, would allow you to practice law in the UK. However the other elements of the degree, philosophy, politics etc, would mean that you get a really well rounded education that would be appealing to a variety of potential employers after graduation.

    Obviously you could choose to practice law after graduation though some graduates choose broader business roles such a financial analyst, management consultant, or international development, advisory work, the public sector and teaching.

    In terms of practicing law in Norway; I'm afraid this isn't something I would be able to advise much on myself. However I am sure that a UK degree in law would set you up with a good foundation to undertake the Norwegian equivalent of the Legal Practice Course (LPC), should you wish to pursue a career in law when you return home.

    Hope this helps!

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    Just wanted to ask: what is the degree BSc Politics of the International Economy and is it similar to degrees such as Politics with Economics?
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    (Original post by ivegotluckyscrubs)
    i have a question about the accomodation.

    I currently live in London (zone4) and was wondering how likely I would be accepted if I applied for accomodation?

    I understand that people who live in london are not guaranteed halls for the first year but some of my friends to went last year got accomodation even though they lived in london.

    Also please could you explain the application process as well?

    thank you
    Hi ivegotluckyscrubs (great username btw!)

    Thanks for your message about accommodation.

    You're right; if you live within the M25 you aren't guaranteed a place in halls in the first year. However you are still considered, but just at a lower priority to those who live outside the M25, and could still secure a place, as some of your friends have done.

    The main thing you need to do is ensure that you get your accommodation application in by the deadline, which is the 30 June 2012. If you apply after this date, then you will be a lower priority to those who applied online before the deadline. All applications must go through the online application system and you must rank the residences in order of preference. If you don't rank some and don't get the ones you wanted then the unranked ones will be regarded as your 'next preferred choice' - so makes sure you choose carefully.

    Once you have submitted your application you will then need to wait until A Level results day and when you have secured your place on the course (i.e. passed your A levels and met the entry criteria for the programme) you will then be entered into the random computerised ballot for an accommodation place. Make sure you are checking the email you provided in the online application regularly as your offer of a place in accommodation will come through by email.

    There is lots of information about the accommodation application procedure on our website (http://www.kcl.ac.uk/campuslife/acco...ing/index.aspx) and if you have any specific queries please send them to the Accommodation Office via their online enquiry form (https://www.kcl.ac.uk/about/structur...uiry/index.php) or on the phone (020 7848 2759).

    I hope this helps answer some of your questions!


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    (Original post by Stardust Mirage)
    Hi, Im really interested in the business management course and the politics of the international economy course that kcl has to offer. How competitive are both courses? I have a C in english language and a B in english lit, would this affect my application? I attended an high school that was in the bottom 200 in the uk in terms of gcse results, if this makes any difference.
    Hi Stardust Mirage,

    Thanks for your question. Great to hear that you are interested in our programmes!

    Are they grades you mention you have for GCSE? If so, Politics of the International Economy doesn't require specific GCSE results, however Business Management does require Bs for GCSE English and Maths I'm afraid.

    However it would probably be worth enquiring with the Admissions teams for those courses (email [email protected] or phone 020 7848 1403) to discuss your specific situation and see what they advise you.

    Also remember that, though A Level and GCSE results are really important, its also important to prepare an excellent personal statement which demonstrates any relevant extracurricular activity to support your application.

    I hope this helps and good luck!


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    (Original post by Bumblebash)
    Hi' I've recently received an offer from Kings College for English Lang and Lit, and it's the course I've really got my heart set on :P The offer is for three As but with my recent results it looks like I might get AAB or less. Do you know what the chances are of still getting on the course with AAB please?
    Hi Bumblebash

    Thanks for your message. As you'll know the entry requirements for this programme is AAA. However, if things don't go your way and you don't make AAA please still call King's on A Level results day to check whether there might be still be a chance that you could get on the course. This is a popular course and I'm afraid there aren't any guarantees, but try phoning on the day and see what the Admissions team says. If you submitted a strong personal statement to support your application, this will also be taken into account.

    There's still time and fingers crossed you'll make the requirements anyway!


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    (Original post by Lortis)
    Hi, I just wanted to ask about the Mpharm course (Pharmacy) offered at KCL: Is it possible to get onto this course if you only do 3 A levels all together as in AS:3 than you continue to A2:3 ? Also would I be at a disadvantage if I only have 6 GCSE's? Well I plan to get a lot of work experience before hand...?
    Hi Lortis,

    Thanks for your question. Have you checked out the entry requirements for the MPharm on our Online Prospectus? http://www.kcl.ac.uk/prospectus/unde...header_search/ This should give you a good idea of whether your qualifications are going to meet the entry requirements.

    It might be worth you calling the Admissions team for this programme and discuss your specific circumstances with them and they can advise you in detail on your next steps. Try getting in contact with them via email ([email protected]) or on the phone (020 7848 6511). You could also try contacting the Department of Pharmacy for an informal chat: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/biohealth/study...y/contact.aspx

    Hope that helps!

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    (Original post by fahad_708)
    Just wanted to ask: what is the degree BSc Politics of the International Economy and is it similar to degrees such as Politics with Economics?
    Hi fahad,

    Thanks for your question. I'm not sure whether you've had chance to check out BA/BSc Politics of the International Economy on our Online Prospectus? It should give you a good flavour of what the course is about: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/prospectus/unde...header_search/

    It does share some similar qualities to a Politics with Economics degree, but is obviously across an international level. The degree is offered on two pathways, BA or BSc, if you opt for BA it focuses more on political process and analysis (but obviously keeps a strong economic core to the work). If you opt for the BSc , you can expect to be doing more in depth economic analysis, alongside the political theory.

    However, if you do want to have an informal chat about the programme, I'd recommend getting in touch with the department as they will be able to tell you a lot more about the course. They can be reached via email ([email protected]) or on the phone (020 7848 2735). You can also browse their website for a bit more general info: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/sspp/department...omy/index.aspx

    Hope that helps!

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    Apologies if my question has been answered on this thread prior,

    Q: Are you rigid on your grade boundaries for entries? or can or are, concessions made based upon on outstanding talent
    in the given area etc. ? What I mean by that is, would you lower the grade requirements on an offer, if the candidate was
    'unique' ? i.e. for philosophy at KCL, if they had read the entire western canon for example?

    Many thanks!
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    is there any chance that you would take on a a student who had 3 a levels for the child nursing Bsc course
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    Hey guys I'm sure threads like these have been done many times but I can't find one specific enough for me....

    Are these grades okay if I achieve the required grades for the course or even exceed them providing my personal statement is good enough?

    Eng Lang: A*
    Eng Lit: A*
    Maths: A/A*
    Physics: A*
    Chemistry: A*
    Biology: A
    Geology: B
    History: A
    R.E Short: A
    Welsh Short Course: C

    Or do many applicants get straight A*'s?
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    Thanks for your reply

    I applied for English + Film in november

    I contacted the admissions office through myapplication and got no response,

    I called, but no one picked up the phone, and I emailed asking if I could be given an estimate how much longer but I just got told "sorry we're short of staff, the department hasn't emailed me back to tell you"
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    I wanted to know how long your nursing selection days last for. I was invited to an interview on the 18th of April but had to request a reaschedual as it clashes with another university interview I have. I'm just a bit concerned that I may have been offered the last selection day so maybe requesting a rescheduale was not the best thing to do.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hello! I'm a student from the UAE, and according to your requirements of students like me I have the possibility of being accepted directly into the undergraduate course for medicine if I have done A levels.

    I am able to do 2 A levels and 4 APs. I'll be doing some charity work in a few week's time as well. I am very passionate about the piano and I've passed 6 grades in the ABRSM. I also love photographing nature, and I post my work on deviantart.com.

    I was just wondering if it's required of me to do the UKCAT or any additional exams/activities, and what's the probability of me getting accepted for an interview.

    Thank you very much for your time!


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