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Looking for maths C2 answers? Here they are! 05-05-2016
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    It appears so far from this forum that Politics of the International Economy is pretty popular, but do you have any stats on applications : place ratio
    or even whether it's average, high or low would be helpful.

    I plan to apply to Economics on my other four choices this year, if I applied with an Economics personal statement would this put me at a disadvantage?

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    in terms of accommodation, which one (apart from stamford st) is the closest to the strand? I stayed there for a couple of months last year, and it was very claustrophobic and unsociable (for me at least!) but I don't want to be too far away

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    is it possible for students on the Politics of the International Economy course to take modules/classes from other departments as well (for example from the Business Management course)?

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    How lenient is KCL with meeting the offer requirements?
    I'm offered AAB for Biomedical Sciences, but say I get A*BB, would there still be a chance that I might still get in?
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    Good day,
    I've accepted an offer for MSc Robotics. Just wanted to know;
    -If I've paid my complete tuition fee for the duration of this course and was latter given a scholarship towards my tuition, how do I go about this?
    -Also I kind of like the course modules but I'm finding it difficult to choose from the optional modules which to offer because they all appeal to my interest, can I sit in for courses I do not offer but I'm interest in?
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    My 1st question is this: Am I reasonable in thinking about Midwifery as a career choice, and with my experience and current qualifications would I stand any chance of getting onto a course?
    My 2nd question: Is some work experience in the sphere required before consideration for the course, and how would I get this (I'm CRB checked, but I understand they don't really take on work exp. people).

    I'm 23 and have been studying for a PGCE in Primary teaching, having worked with children for 7 years (at a different London Uni); I felt rather pressured to go into the career path due to my experience in schools, but I haven't felt like this is the path I've wanted for a long time. In fact, for a good many months I've been looking into Midwifery, and really feel it's something more suitable to my character and a role I would really fit into, having skills I really feel are essential for the duties it requires. I'm now faced with a fork in the road where I can decide to keep my head down and soldier on with teaching, or choose a career change.

    I have almost all A's at GCSE and A Level, but no A level in a science subject (I took History, Religious studies, and English. My specialism on the PGCE has been Science however, and a BA Honors in Archaeology, specialising in Bioarchaeology). I also have no experience in hospital work, but 7 years working with children varying from 1 years old up to 16, and life experience working with and caring for children with severe disabilities. I've always been passionate about supporting children and their families, and have been described by those I've worked with as kind, supportive and "someone they can trust and talk to".
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    i was wondering if i can change my major after applying ?
    i applied on UCAS earlier today as requested but when i chose business managment it applied me for 2013 , so i changed it to History (against my will ) i would love to study business in your prestigious college is there anyway i can in fall 2012 ? if not ? can i switch from history to business after applying ?
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    I have unconditional offer letter for Msc Mobile and Personal Communications. I am International student from Pakistan. At the time of accepting the offer KCL did not demand any fee.Will KCL demand any deposit (advance fee payment) before issuing the CAS letter?. If yes, what could be the amount (any guess)? Is this fee refundable if I do not get visa. By the way, payment of fee in advance will definitely increase my chances of getting visa.
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    I've got unconditional offer for MA Child Studies, but recently I found there will be a new programme MA International Child Studies. I wonder what differences are between the programmes and whether it is possible for me to change for the programme. Thank you
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    Are you likely to have any spaces on your Nursing degree this year in clearing? (I am a medicine applicant who is on course to achieve AAB).

    If so, does this count as a 'health-related' degree to go into medicine after? - could you say, do Nursing at Kings and then go onto the medicine course there as well...

    Many thanks
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    I noticed this year that applicants for Liberal Arts were allowed to send an alternative personal statement as the course is not offered at many universities. Will this be the same for next year's UCAS cycle?
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    For physics, how many hours of contact time do you get a week?
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    What are the chances of someone who lives within the M25 getting accomodation at all?
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    Hi KCL,
    I've firmed for Physics and Philosophy, and I was wondering what a typical weekly timetable was like, for this this program, and if I needed to have some particular knowledge in philosophy, before the start of the course.

    Thank you for your answer.
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    The subject specific prospectus links seem to be missing on this page ...

    I have some questions regarding the Maths courses MSci G103 and BSc G100 ...

    1) If someone starts the Maths MSci then is it possible to transfer to the BSc course at some point (eg at the end of the 2nd year or at some point during the 3rd year)?

    2) Similarly is it possible to transfer from the BSc course to the MSci course?

    3) Are there any requirements that need to be satisfied in order to be allowed to continue with the 4th year of the MSci e.g. Do you need to be on a 2.1 or better by the end of the 3rd year?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi, KCL Do you have the statistics on the number of Year 3 Law graduate getting first honour degree and 2:1?
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    Hello KCL, I am currently holding an offer for your Business Management course. I was wondering about the internships and job opportunities at KCL. I am reading a lot of forums and most Master's degrees require some job experience so does the department of management help students to get a job in the business, financial and marketing areas. This would really help me decide where I want to go. Thanks in advance!

    E: Since there are students now as well I want to add something to my question(that's directed to students in the management department):

    The department of management is a relatively small department so would you say that this is a good thing? How many people attend lectures on average? What's the ratio of international:europe students?
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    Hello, this is a question for the entry to Medicine A100:

    I AM doing Chemistry at A-Level, but does it have to be at an A grade if I offer 3 other A-Levels at grade A (Bio, History and English Lit)?

    Also, are A-Levels completed a year early accepted in the normal offer?

    Thank you.
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    Hello KCL.

    Just would like to know, what is the difference between staying in Kings accommodation and the Intercollegiate Halls?

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    (Original post by nimanim)
    Hello KCL.

    Just would like to know, what is the difference between staying in Kings accommodation and the Intercollegiate Halls?


    I don't know much about the intercollegiate halls, but my stepbro from UCL went there.

    He said the food was revolting


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