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King’s College London Open Week 12-16 March

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    Just wondered if resitting the year would penalise your application? and what are the advised predicted grades for dentistry?

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    Hi, I hold an offer for MSc Engineering with Business Management but I am overseas applicant and I also applied for postgraduate funding. May I know when can I expect the decision because it is very important for me to go ahead for this course.
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    hello! im wondering how hard it is to get accepted into King's College postgraduate programme China& Globalisation. Im a Dutch student, getting my bachelors degree in July 2012. Its an HBO degree, in English i think its called University of Applied Sciences. Im now studying Chinese as my major, with other courses focussing on marketing and communication. My average grade is 7,87 (on a scale of 1-10) from year 1-4. I have been to China a few times already, studying in Beijing for 6 months and currently living in Shanghai for my internship.
    I still need to do the IELTS test, but i'm not expecting major problems with that.

    What are my chances of getting accepted into the programme?
    Can I also apply for the programme even if I do not have my degree and my IELTS yet (I will receive my degree in July, I can do the IELTS test in Shanghai)? Or should I wait until I have all the documents?
    I am afraid that if I apply somewhere in July, my chances of getting accepted will be lower. Is this true?
    When does the academic year 2012-2013 start?

    thanks !
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    hello... im brazilian and im holding an conditional offer for MA international marketing? is there any and what possibility in changing to international management? another thing, about the IELTS english requirement. im taking the exam next week but im kind of worried about not getting 7.0 in all subjects. are you flexible in any kind about this specification?

    many thanks
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    Morning everyone!

    So our King's Open Week has officially started! I just want to thank everyone who got their questions in already - we've had quite a few in over the weekend, but we'll make sure we get back to each of you as soon as possible!

    From today we'll also have current King's students on the Open Week with us so if you have any questions relating to general life at King's, what its like to study here and live in London etc - drop us a message!

    Thanks again for getting in touch and we'll get back to your questions soon!


    Fran and the team at King's!
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    Dear Fran,
    I've asked question in the previous page and want to ask again between the newly launching "MA International Child Studies" and MA Chid Studies, and is it possible for me to shift to the new programme as I have got unconditional offer for MA Child Studies.
    Thank you for your attention and looking forward to your reply.
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    Hi all,

    My name's Ben, I'm a first-year English Language and Literature student at King's! I'm also doing the AKC (Associate of King's College) and a module in the Philosophy Department. If you have any questions you think I'd be able to answer, please go ahead! I can help with accommodation queries, the English Department and the AKC, the student experience, what it was like for me to apply, freshers week etc.

    I look forward to reading and responding to your questions!
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    Hi Fran,

    I am an international student and have received a conditional offer to study Medicine, which I firmed without hesitation. However, my final grades were marginally lower. Since I have firmed the offer, I am in a dilemma as to whether I should wait for the admission office to write to me / reject me before I appeal or should I just appeal.

    I believe KCL takes into consideration many other traits of the applicant (besides projected grades) before making an offer. I understand that KCL may even decide to just accept the final lower grades and process the applicant’s firmed offer accordingly.

    I am worried that if I wait for the admission office to process the entire department cohort, I may lose precious time to appeal my case.

    I am losing much sleep over this and would be grateful if you can advise me accordingly.

    Thank you for your kind attention.

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    (Original post by TheDizzeeKid)
    Hey guys I'm sure threads like these have been done many times but I can't find one specific enough for me....

    Are these grades okay if I achieve the required grades for the course or even exceed them providing my personal statement is good enough?

    Eng Lang: A*
    Eng Lit: A*
    Maths: A/A*
    Physics: A*
    Chemistry: A*
    Biology: A
    Geology: B
    History: A
    R.E Short: A
    Welsh Short Course: C

    Or do many applicants get straight A*'s?
    Hi TheDizzeeKid,

    It'd help if I knew the course you're thinking about applying for! Every application is considered on its own merit of course, but your grades are better than mine were. I got A*A*A*A at A Level and I applied during my gap year though so I think that definitely helped me get onto the English course here at King's. If you could get back to me with your course of choice, I'd probably be able to give you some more advice. You could always get in touch directly with the department you wish to apply to if you want some informal advice from them!

    - Ben
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    (Original post by AngryCheeseCake)
    Thanks for your reply

    I applied for English + Film in november

    I contacted the admissions office through myapplication and got no response,

    I called, but no one picked up the phone, and I emailed asking if I could be given an estimate how much longer but I just got told "sorry we're short of staff, the department hasn't emailed me back to tell you"
    Hi AngryCheeseCake,

    I'm really sorry you got no response on MyApplication. You're not the only one to have had problems with it! Did you email [email protected]? That's the one I get in touch with if I have any issues and they always reply within a day. King's is notorious for giving out late offers though, I'm afraid. And asking how long it will take probably won't make them decide any faster! King's were the last university to give me an offer last year so I know how it must be feeling. I recommend getting in touch with [email protected] or even one of the department staff as they'd be able to forward it on or give you a response themselves.

    - Ben
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    (Original post by doubleAA)

    I wanted to know how long your nursing selection days last for. I was invited to an interview on the 18th of April but had to request a reaschedual as it clashes with another university interview I have. I'm just a bit concerned that I may have been offered the last selection day so maybe requesting a rescheduale was not the best thing to do.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Don't worry about it - as far as I know the one on the 18th of April is not the last one. There shall be selection days coming up later as well, even in May, I believe But it is safest to check with the School directly either via email ([email protected]) or via phone (+44 (0)20 7848 3024).

    Good luck and do let us know if you have any further questions!
    erklam from KCL
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    (Original post by maxcartwright)

    in terms of accommodation, which one (apart from stamford st) is the closest to the strand? I stayed there for a couple of months last year, and it was very claustrophobic and unsociable (for me at least!) but I don't want to be too far away

    Hi maxcartwright,

    Brian Creamer House is very close to the Strand, I'd say. I've stayed with friends there before and then had a nice walk to the Strand the next morning. You can also hear Big Ben chiming away every hour which I think is pretty cool. It's also a really sociable hall and it's relatively small too. You can see where all the campuses and halls are in relation to each other on this map: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/campuslife/camp...rakerPoint.pdf

    - Ben
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    (Original post by DanielMartin)

    Apologies if my question has been answered on this thread prior,

    Q: Are you rigid on your grade boundaries for entries? or can or are, concessions made based upon on outstanding talent
    in the given area etc. ? What I mean by that is, would you lower the grade requirements on an offer, if the candidate was
    'unique' ? i.e. for philosophy at KCL, if they had read the entire western canon for example?

    Many thanks!
    Hi DanielMartin

    Thanks for your question! Obviously each programme sets different entry criteria that they would like applicants to meet. BA Philosophy does ask for 3A at A Level, but every application is considered on merit so if you do have interesting extracurricular experience this will be considered alongside your predicted grades.

    If you want to have an informal discussion about your particular situation try contacting the Arts and Humanities Admissions team via email ([email protected]) or on the phone 020 7848 2350/2374 to discuss in more detail, they'll be happy to help

    Good luck!

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    Hi there,
    i have been waiting for a reply from Kings, for Management studies since November...& since then i have got two/three emails sayings 'your application is sent for consideration'...therefore my question is that will Kings get back to me with a decision before the deadline day which is 31st March...or could it take longer?
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    (Original post by nimanim)
    Hello KCL.

    Just would like to know, what is the difference between staying in Kings accommodation and the Intercollegiate Halls?


    The most basic difference between staying in King's hall and staying at an intercollegiate hall is that, as the name suggests, there are people from many different unis at the intercollegiates. It is also worth mentioning that from next year on, none of King's halls will be catered - so if you want to go for catered, go for the intercollegiates. At the same time, if you don't want catered, you should consider King's halls (since all intercollegiates are pretty much catered).

    Every undergrad intercollegiate hall (except for Nutford) is in Bloomsbury, a very lively and very studenty area of London just next to the British Museum. King’s halls are spread out across London, e.g. there are some close to Guy’s campus, there are some just next to Waterloo campus, there is also one in Hampstead in a beautiful area but far from any King’s campus...King’s halls offer a wider range of facilities (in term of being an apartment or not, having your own kitchen or not, being ensuite or not, etc.) and there is also a wide range of prices.

    I live in an intercollegiate hall and I love it! I choose to live in an intercollegiate because I knew I wanted catered (couldn’t cook for myself haha)...It's just an amazing atmosphere, I really enjoy eating with my neighbours every day, and the facilities are great too. There are squash courts in the basement, a pool table, a music room with a piano and a drum set, and we are also allowed to freely use the tennis courts in front of our halls. Occassionally, the hall also organises parties in the common rooms which can be fun. It does cost more than most (if not every) King’s hall, but if you consider that daily breakfast and dinner is included, it kinda equals out! Price was a huge factor to me and that is how I arrived at the decision to stay at the catered intercollegiates, paying more than I would at a King’s hall.

    I hope this answered your question Let me know if you have any further questions...
    erklam from KCL

    P.s. and the food is not "revolting". It did get better this year, for dinner there is generally a choice of three meals, salad, fruit, some cake for dessert etc. They are also gradually introducing a pasta/salad bar for vegetarians which could also be nice for those who aren't vegetarians Also, you can leave feedback on comment cards at any time and they do actually listen to what you have to say!
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    In order to study biomedical science at KCL do you consider AS module retakes?
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    (Original post by dandelion-field)
    Hello! I'm a student from the UAE, and according to your requirements of students like me I have the possibility of being accepted directly into the undergraduate course for medicine if I have done A levels.

    I am able to do 2 A levels and 4 APs. I'll be doing some charity work in a few week's time as well. I am very passionate about the piano and I've passed 6 grades in the ABRSM. I also love photographing nature, and I post my work on deviantart.com.

    I was just wondering if it's required of me to do the UKCAT or any additional exams/activities, and what's the probability of me getting accepted for an interview.

    Thank you very much for your time!
    Hi dandelion-field

    Thanks very much for your message and for considering King's.

    Have you checked out the specific country pages for UAE? If not, this might help answer a few questions: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/study/internati...ates/info.aspx

    The entry requirements section for Medicine on our Online Prospectus does state that UKCAT is required but it is important to show non-academic experience such as music and art, which it sounds like you're good at!

    I would advise contacting the medicine admissions team to answer your specific questions as an international student as they will be better placed to give you a detailed answer! Try contacting them via email [email protected] or on the phone 020 7848 6501 / 6502

    Hope this helps

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    (Original post by paulas)
    Hi there,
    i have been waiting for a reply from Kings, for Management studies since November...& since then i have got two/three emails sayings 'your application is sent for consideration'...therefore my question is that will Kings get back to me with a decision before the deadline day which is 31st March...or could it take longer?
    Hi Paulas!

    As a first year Business Management student at King's, I can tell you that...yeah...you might have to wait for quite a while But it is definitely worth waiting and who knows, it could as well be a good sign!

    I submitted my application in the beginning of December and got my offer in April! But this is because Management is an extremely competitive course. I think last year they received over 15 applications/place! (...i know right?!) So just be patient, and remember that 31st March is not an actual deadline just a recommended one. The good side of receiving the final offer in April is that you wil have until like July (I think) to respond to UCAS which leaves you with a lot of time to think

    Hope this answered your question, let me know if there is anything else you wanna ask
    erklam from the King's Team
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    (Original post by shygirl1994)
    is there any chance that you would take on a a student who had 3 a levels for the child nursing Bsc course
    Hi shygirl

    Thanks for your question! Entry requirements for BSc Children's Nursing is BBB at A Level plus as pass at AS Level. However equivalent UCAS points will be taken into consideration. So I think that you would be considered, also, if you have work experience working in a health care setting and/or with children which you can demonstrate in your personal statement that will definitely support your application!

    Good luck!

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    (Original post by Hirarara)
    How lenient is KCL with meeting the offer requirements?
    I'm offered AAB for Biomedical Sciences, but say I get A*BB, would there still be a chance that I might still get in?
    Hi Hirarara,

    It is hard to say how lenient King's will be because it will always come down to the individual applicant and how strong their overall application is. There is clearly no guarantee that you get in should you fail to meet the offer...but yes, there still is a chance that you might still get in.

    From my experience, I know quite a few people who missed their offer by a grade and still got in to King's. But I also talked to people who did not end up getting in because they failed to meet their offer. While this is for Management and not for Biomedical Sciences, the tendency should be the same. If your application (personal statement) is strong enough and King's really wants you, they may end up accepting you even if you get a B instead of an A...but as I said, you might get outright rejected, so try and do your best on A levels!

    Good luck! Hope this help
    erklam from the King's team


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