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House Mate 'noise' problem

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    (Original post by Ministerdonut)
    Maybe try ear plugs? Being a light sleeper myself I can recommend a brand called silent ear, I think they sell them on amazon.They are cheap and last up to 3 months.
    No I haven't tried student welfare yet but I'll do that when I get back but we've got 13 girls in our house but nothing has been done with 12 complaints, we would've thought the 12 of use would be enough especially as all of us have been complaining these past 2 months nearly every day. I haven't been able to find alternative accommodation, there's no female rooms or rooms within the local area but I'm planning next term on dropping my contract and staying with my friends in one of their rooms on my blow up mattress until one of the girls have finished her exams then I'll be staying in her room for the rest of the year

    I would use ear plugs but I have a ear wax issue that stops me from using them =/ thank you for the suggestion though
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    (Original post by pinstriped.flower)
    This sounds really stupid, but I always worry about noise during sex. I mean, what are you meant to do when you want to have sex with someone, but you know that there are paper thin ceilings and crappy beds that squeak? I'm in a long-term relationship, and we try and be as quiet as possible, but sometimes there just isn't anything you can do. It could be that this girl feels the same way, and that your tactics, especially now that you are, in essence, ganging up on her in a big group, make her resentful that she can't do anything about it, and so just carries on anyway.

    This shouldn't be a discussion of her sexual habits - we live in a society where it's generally fine for someone to do what they want in the bedroom. I don't really see that it being with different people has any bearing on the problem.

    If the noise is really loud, at anti-social hours (which I'd deem as being 11pm-7pm) and genuinely causing you a health issue, then I feel sorry for you, but otherwise, as others have said, it's just an unavoidable aspect of student living. You should take it out on your university, not this girl.

    I'm afraid the girl know all too well that we can hear her and doesn't care, she seems to be getting louder even to the extent that the other side of the house is starting to hear and that's saying something especially as most of the walls are solid brick and not like the paper thin crap between mine and her room =/

    I think she just wants to annoy us all and none of us mind her having sex, apart from the girl who is extremely religious, it just the fact that she seems to be trying to be as loud as possible to piss us all off. Like myself and the other girls have occasionally had our boyfriends around but we've all tried to kept it as quiet as possible but this girl seems to be doing the opposite.

    We really don't mean to be ganging up on her but it's gotten to the point where we all have to physically sit in her room and take turns in talking to her about it.
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    (Original post by foxie)
    Hello AliceElizabeth19 I really feel for you.....It must not be nice as you have to get up in the morning and still go to classes etc....
    Either she can't stand you so she does it on purpose or she gets turned on by people listening (perv)

    Just keep reporting her....
    Eventually they will kick her out, so can go *******off somewhere else!
    Oh lordy I hope not, there are people actually like that though?

    Hopefully something will be done soon enough

    Which university ...

    call the hall wardens to tell her off!!!
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    (Original post by crocker710)
    Which university ...
    XD University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, Lampeter Campus :P
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    (Original post by christykai1049)
    call the hall wardens to tell her off!!!
    Done that, nout happened they told us they'd have words with her later which they never got around to =/


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Updated: March 11, 2012
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