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What are you willing to spend decent money on?

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    Apple products :/
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    Nights out

    In the Future:
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    (Original post by -aimz)
    Tickets for events, clothes sometimes.
    considering it's somewhere I really want to go and not just a 'day out'.

    otherwise I'm pretty cheap with everything..:rolleyes:
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    (Original post by NuclearFusion)
    I could quite easily spend a few thousand building a computer...
    A few thousand would get you a network! I'd spend that much money on a network, but not on a single computer
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    (Original post by de_monies)
    A few thousand would get you a network! I'd spend that much money on a network, but not on a single computer
    Well I suppose once I include 3 3D screens, the hardware to run them and a high end speaker system etc. I could easily go into the thousands
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    motorbike clothing
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    extra lean mince meat
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    (Original post by Mr Bee)
    What objects are you happy to spend a fair amount of money on?

    For me, it's a brown leather wallet. I could easily spend £35 - £50 on a nice leather wallet.

    Also, watches! If I had the money, remembering I'm 14, I would spend hundreds on a nice watch!

    What floats your boat?
    Skydiving, Bungee Jumping!
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    earphones, I always have to get noise isolating in ear headphones and the goods ones are always more than 50 pounds.
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    Cosmetics! £23 for Benefit foundation, £20 for Lancome Hypnose mascara, plus a £10 Max Factor one. I think I've spent about £60 in about a week :eek: I also like decent hair products, adoring the Bed Head Superstar blow dry lotion and thickening spray that cost me nearly £20.

    I'm a right cheapskate with everything else mind most expensive handbag I own was £40

    Other example: I've had my laptop since late 2008 and two keys are broken, but everything else works and it's never caused me any trouble, therefore don't really need a new one!
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    Not much, really. I'm pretty frugal.
    I even try to find my beloved language books for a cheaper price on Amazon. If I can't find it, then I wait for my birthday/Christmas ^^
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    Digital piano shortly after I left uni (new job, bit of money, splash out on something I really want!). A laptop as I use it all the time. I wouldn't mind shelling out for a nice watch though I don't know what to go for, and I probably have no taste anyway. If I were brave enough to do it, I'd like to go and get measured for a decent suit. I don't need to wear one often, but it'd be nice to look good when I did.

    Even though I can afford to spend, I'll still shop around. Sure, I could get the £1400 computer, but why bother when half an hour of digging will reveal the same spec for £750? For that, I've been accused of being cheap, but to me it's just being sensible.
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    Coffins, capes, cravats...all the c's that a vampire needs.
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    skincare products (sensitive skin, redness) , clothing, travel, phone
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    Computer. I do a lot of work on the computer. Web design, Photoshop work, 3D modeling, games, etc. I like having a really fast computer with loads of hard drive space

    Books. I loooooove books. I'm not a fan of eBooks. I'm not a fan of libraries. I like to own and collect books - especially hard covers. I like nice books, limited edition books, first edition books..

    Food. Not so much good food on a daily basis, but once in a while I really like to splurge at a nice restaurant. I like getting a delicious expensive steak or a really good meal at Pizza Express!
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    A well-made cheesecake.
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    (Original post by Manitude)
    Whisky (Most expensive bottle I currently have is £35 at full price, but got it for £25...as a student that is A LOT for alcohol )
    A student with a good taste in drink??? WOW!! and well done!
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    Just sports gear really! If you are into a sport its much better to do it with nice gear.

    And also good ps3 games.


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