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What are you willing to spend decent money on?

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    Things that will last.
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    Computer, Motoring Vehicles, Electricity/Petrol (Energy Sources).

    Even though according to moores law, a top spec PC will be outdated in 2 years the thrill of building a new PC never fails to puts a smile to my face. Especially when you built for like £2k but it'd cost like £4k to buy it prebuilt. Prebuilt PC are so overpriced.

    Same with riding a decent bike (more thrilling) or driving a nice car like a BMW M3 or any convertible at high speed (more relaxing) goes double with roof down on a nice day
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    (Original post by chab92)
    A student with a good taste in drink??? WOW!! and well done!
    Don't get me wrong, I also drink the cheapest possible vodka I can when going out! But I do love a good whisky from time to time.
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    (Original post by TheJ0ker)
    Just sports gear really! If you are into a sport its much better to do it with nice gear.

    And also good ps3 games.
    I totally agree with that! I play 4 different sports but I try to buy the best gear for my buck. For me it is, the best, or none.
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    I have to mention shoes again, especially since it looks like I am not the only person here who would spend a lot on shoes!

    I was brought up knowing that you should spend good money on a bed, and good money on shoes, because if you're not in one, you're probably in the other.

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    (Original post by Ice_Queen)
    I have to mention shoes again, especially since it looks like I am not the only person here who would spend a lot on shoes!

    I was brought up knowing that you should spend good money on a bed, and good money on shoes, because if you're not in one, you're probably in the other.

    Ah, I see! That's wise.
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    I want to buy an antonov jet.....I like planes, and im only $9.999975 million short....
    I have 25 dollars, as of today.
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    - My Car (& all the extra's like MOT, Tax, Servicing, Tyres, Petrol)
    - Holiday's, Trips and Weekends away
    - Events (ie. Tickets to Shows/Festivals)
    - Experiences (ie. I'm doing a Bungee Jump for my 19th)
    - Quality Shoes
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    Skin care.
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    Random bits and bobs for my computer; Steam games too.
    I occasionally go and buy a new HD or monitor which I feel is worthy to spend a large amount on
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    Well, I've already got dive kit of my own, which has been several years of birthday and christmas presents, but when the time comes to replace them, I definitely won't be holding back. I enjoy breathing, I know that's selfish, but I want to know that I have kit that won't break on me all the time. So yeah, scuba diving kit.

    And theatre/comedy. Although very few good things come close to where I live. But if there's something or someone I really want to see, I think I'd just go for it and pay it, because I'll never get that chance again. Sadly distance usually prevents me. Still, once I'm at uni I'll only be a couple of hours away from London, and then the West End is mine!!!
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    Definitely instruments. Nice fiddles and guitars are soo worth it
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    Oh yes, belts! I love brown leather belts. Currently digging a Levi
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    Skis would be my moneysink... a good competition standard pair of slalom skis (and I suppose the boots to go with them ). Those would probably cost about 1000 euros, for a top-of-the-range pair.

    If I had loads of money, I'd love to buy a really good showjumper (horse), but we're talking tens of thousands for a great one, so that's definately not going to happen anytime soon aka ever.
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    I need a new Processor for my PC, a few more RAM sticks, a new HDD and hopefully a SSD soon. And that's all I spend my money on.

    Oh and once every few years I'll buy a new Bass
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    (Original post by Mr Bee)
    I love the people that live by the motto, why go for second best! I mean, I am 14 and I recently bought a road bike. I saved up for it and everything. I originally saved for a Carrera, this was £300. I decided to save another £200 and get a Specialized. Determination :P

    My next save is an acoustic guitar. Maybe some Beats by Dre :\
    don't do this
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    Tats Tats..
    Stuff for Laptop/gadgets/Ipod touch
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    Experiences, e.g. days out, extreme sports, holidays, music festivals/gigs.

    Definitely make me feel much happier than buying inanimate things like books, clothes etc.
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    I dont know about anyone else but usually before i make a purchase i spend the full day browsing online. I try to make myself an expert in a pair of trainers or headphones, read loads of review and even watch youtube vids of a kid with the trainers. If they have an extra function which i probably wont even use or have fantastic ratings then i don't mind paying more for.


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