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Have you ever loved anyone as much as your family?

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    yes, and i'm still trying to get over them four years later....

    There are a fair few members of my biological family that I wouldn't give the steam off a turd for.

    (Original post by Iron Lady)
    Really? That's very clichéd.
    No not from my point of view. Yes, a lot of friends come and go but there are a couple who are like my family.

    (Original post by Annie72)
    There is a difference between the love you have for your family and the romantic love you feel for your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband.
    For me, husband counts as family. Why wouldn't he? I never liked the notion that there's your family, who you are related to by blood, and then "everyone else", who isn't. To me, blood is one of the least important things.

    And yes the love is different etc but they are still part of your family now. In my opinion.

    I love my best friend as much as my family. More so than them in some cases.

    Well, I see my close friends like family. They were there for me despite all my life and mental health problems. They were there for me in my scary times of my psychosis and I don't know how they managed it. I'm forever grateful for them.

    In our family, we also see the pets as family.

    I'd say there's a few on the same page. Growing up, I was always really distant with my family, relied more on my friends for support.

    I have no love for my family. But I have loved people outside of my family.

    It wouldn't be hard to love someone more than I love some family members so yes. I find the notion of loving your family because they are your family absurd tbh. If your father is a rapist who raped your mother and you've never met him would you love him more than your friends who have been there for you when you really needed support?

    Yes. My first boyfriend. It's been two years and I still love him. No other guy I have dated since has even come close to him.
    I would say he is the only person I have ever loved as much as my parents and siblings. :sad:

    (Original post by Aisha~~)
    Not even close. Nor have I met anyone that lives up to the standards they set as individuals.
    I love this and that's probably true for me too.

    Family >>> everyone else I've ever met ever.

    That's complicated question. If by family you mean parents/grandparents etc only, no. But if you mean uncles/aunts/cousins as well then idk, since I'm close to some and others not at all.


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