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Liverpool v Arsenal - 03/03/12 - 12:45PM

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    5 - Arsenal have now scored five own goals in the PL this season, no other team has netted more than two. Giving.

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    Suarez needs to stop his theatrical reactions to free kicks. He's a talented player but his actions recently have been despicable in all honesty. Who, apart from Liverpool fans, actually like him as a person?
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    Scz is having a crazy game, touch wood he carries it on.
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    Dirk Kuyt Airways!
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    Suarez does everything but score!
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    (Original post by Xotol)
    Suarez needs to stop his theatrical reactions to free kicks. He's a talented player but his actions recently have been despicable in all honesty. Who, apart from Liverpool fans, actually like him as a person?
    I dislike the guy with a passion - since I am Ghanaian, black and support Arsenal.

    He has wronged me in every way possible.
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    Another game where the opposition keeper is having a stormer. Another game where Liverpool are dominating but not winning. Am I imagining this?!

    Adam is having a very poor game.
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    A team should get a free kick if they are forced to kick the ball out for a player down and it turns out they aren't injured in any way shape or form, pisses me off.
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    Post again. This is unbelievable! Liverpool should've been out of sight by now.
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    How are we not winning!? Story of our season for a lot of these draws.
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    I want to see Gervinho on for Benayoun.
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    Ffs, this is doing my head in. If we end up losing this I think I'm actually going to crack. We're ****ing spanking the **** out of Arsenal.
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    this is ridiculous..liverpool should be out of sight
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    The amount of times we hit the woodwork this season is ludicrous. So is the number of penalties we have missed. Lady luck does not like Liverpool.
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    Arsenal have been poor. Liverpool should be leading by 3-1 atleast.
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    We've been incredibly lucky, the performance so far has been quite embarrassing.
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    Liverpool looking considerably better than Arsenal atm. Walcott and Benayoun have been quite terrible in holding possession. Should swap them for Gervinho and Chamberlain if we're going to win.
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    arsenal have been poor.

    RVP looks like his limping and having a few problems, i hope to god he is not injured. he better not play in the Milan match.
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    25 times we've hit the woodwork now.
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    2 more goals in this for me. Don't know if that's 2-2 or 3-1 for a team.

    Liverpool look better so far but Arsenal have RVP who is the best striker in the league.

    One chance, one goal = 100% conversion
    Liverpool, 2 x post, missed penalty and countless other misses :facepalm:


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Updated: March 3, 2012
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