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Contemporary Arts/Illustration

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    Anyone studying/applied to Contemporary Art/Illustration here? Has anybody attended an interview yet?
    I wish to hear some opinions about the course...
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    Hey! I've just got conditional offers (I say "just"- it was around 3 weeks ago) for both the Contemporary Art & Illustration course and the Illustration course!
    To me, the spaces for the course (studios/mac suite, etc) looked really good and I'm currently at Leeds Art (who have amazing facilities). Looking at some of the students who were working in the studios was interesting, too- they all seemed to be really involved in their work and had a good amount of space each. The tutors/lecturers that I spoke to were all lovely and friendly, as well!
    Have you applied/had an interview?
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    I've got an unconditional offer (which i've accepted, yayy!) for the Illustration course, the course sounds brilliant and the tutors i met on my interview day, seemed awesome too!
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    I've got a conditional offer for Contemporary arts/illustration. course looks amazing so fingers crossed!!
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    Gods help you all.


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