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How to Get Rid of Dry Skin?

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    Look at what you are eating like are you having enough of fruits and vegetation if so you might need to work that out.
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    I highly recommend the Johnson's baby natural range.
    It's quite cheap, has a lovely scent and is non-greasy. I used to have really dry skin on my face and hands but thanks to this, my skin is smooth as a baby's.
    And because I'm usually bad at moisturing on a regular basis, the pleasant smell makes me motivated to put it on even more!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    (Original post by Prime500)
    I'm a 21 year old man, and I have quite bad dry skin on my face, which looks bad and I really want rid of it, as it affects my confidence in social situations. I really don't want to have dry flaky skin on my face, I've tried a lot of Nivea for Men moisturisers and face washes and nothing seems to work.

    Can anyone recommend any moisutrisers or anything that would help?
    Try the Clinique Maximum Hydrator for men or Dermalogica for Men.

    The other thing you could try is improving your diet.
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    Try coconut oil works really well, especially since you've already tried other things. You'll find it in supermarkets and grocery shops I think. Just put it on before you go to bed.

    Maybe try using aftershave after you shave if you aren't doing that.
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    Moisturise like a boss !

    after a shower moisturise .. i use nivea soft

    try and use some facial moisturizer twice daily and DRINK ALOT OF WATER. even if you think its not dry do it anyway. after exercise aswell cleanse your face then apply. try and take a course of vitamins or take vitamin e. oh if you get vitamin e cream either. anything that has witch hazel is good. try and use a high spf suncream aswell.

    you need to find the best one for your skin but thats a all rounder makes it feel nice and soft i have a whole shelf in my room dedicated to body lotions and moisturising creams. i love that soft sliky skin feeling ok you might not like this suggestion but here it goes ... i dont know male products but there is a a brand called simple that do stuff for skin. if you get cotton pads the simple cleansing cream and toner. if you use them it would help just shed all that dead skin and make your skin feel better. its for girls but its good for your skin its not scented less chemicals so you could use it in the privacy of your bedroom no one would have to know. i wouldnt make fun of a lad who was into taking care of his appearance and wants to look his best. and it only takes 3 or 4 mins to do it it cant hurt to buy them and try them until they go empty and see if you feel better. dry skin isnt quick fix you just have to get into a routine.

    oh see if you can get that facial scrub with the little rubber pad that with little rubber things on it. will help your skin in the shower give it a good scrub will feel like new. if you are shaving alot maybe change your shaving foam to something for sensitive skin.
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    The Vaseline Essential Moisture moisturisers work amazingly.
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    My friend works in Boots and is training to work on the pharmacy counter, she recently learnt that she's not allowed to recommend Sudocrem and I'm 90% sure E45 as well for use on the face because neither have been authorized to use on the face because they can damage it.

    My advice is at night use 100% pure Jojoba Oil. You can also mix a few drops of it into a moisturiser of your choice to use in the morning. I like Olay Beauty Fluid Sensitivie, it doesn't claim to do anything other than moisturise unlike most moisturisers.
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    I hate E-45, I think it'd be alright if you don't have a lot, but I've used it on my eczema and it actually made it itchier and very red. I use Aveeno when my hands are dry and it works really well.
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    I've used bio oil on dry areas before and after a few days of just the tiniest amount the dryness went away and I just applied a bit at night!

    Then again, I don't know how dry your skin is!
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    I use Nivea lotion normal for skin and it's the best out of all moisturiser and it best for my skin that why I recommend to anyone to try it.
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    (Original post by JKGB)
    I hate E-45, I think it'd be alright if you don't have a lot, but I've used it on my eczema and it actually made it itchier and very red. I use Aveeno when my hands are dry and it works really well.
    It has sodium lauryl sulphate in it which is a skin irritant. It's fine for most people but people with skin conditions, like you and me (psoriasis) it just makes it worse. Steer clear.
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    Use Physiogel. If you use it for 2-3 days, you won't need a moisturiser until the next season.
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    Here are some natural treatments you can try; Aloe vera, sunflower oil, beeswax or honey bath or even try a apple cider vinegar bath. But go see a dermatologist if your dry skin gets worse


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