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AVB sacked by Chelsea

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    From BBC Football


    Andre Villas-Boas has been sacked as Chelsea manager

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    I think Roman may have actually wanted to keep him, but the dressing room was against him, results and preformance have been well below par for a while now, so he probably thought this was the best action he could take, particularly as there is a big chance they won't make top 4 if they keep playing like they are.
    Capello as a surprise replacement?
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    There's a surprise...
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    Just saw it on twitter. Inevitable indeed. How much did they pay for him? £15m or something?

    If your going to appoint such a young manager you have to give him time..

    Chelsea's impatience has cost them big time.
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    I knew you'd also make a thread on it

    Inevitable I'd say. He never really had the respect of the players to make the drastic changes he tried to make. He could've been good with more experience, but his options have been much more limited compared with previous managers. Their squad just isn't as good as Roman thinks it is.
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    Reminds me of Woy's days at Liverpool. The guy never stood a chance.

    It's really pathetic, really. The player power at Chelsea is a major concern.
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    Dammit. Beat me to it.

    Bit unfair perhaps, but was innvetiably going to happen

    Think getting rid of him, and having his replacement, is worse than keeping him. I was in the mind he would improve over the long term, should the players buck u their ideas, I put more blame on the players for any lackluster performances tbh. Not exactly like Chelsea are in a terrible position either, i can see this making it worse.
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    Good news for Chelsea fans and good that it happened now. Where now for Chelsea? Lord knows, I think the Chelsea squad just aren't as good as they are made out to be. Hopefully, they get someone decent in and get back to their old selves.
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    As a Chelsea fan, I am bitterly frustrated once again.
    I think he should have been given more time despite our poor form. The damage has been done for this season, who are we going to appoint now?
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    who is going to be the replacement? :/

    capello, benitez....
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    I'm really surprised it took them this long to sack him. There has been Chelsea managers under Abramovich that have been sacked, who were doing far better than AVB.
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    (Original post by Tucking Fypo)
    Reminds me of Woy's days at Liverpool. The guy never stood a chance.

    It's really pathetic, really. The player power at Chelsea is a major concern.
    I agree with everything you've said here, Fypo!
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    No surprise there then.
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    (Original post by Tucking Fypo)
    Reminds me of Woy's days at Liverpool. The guy never stood a chance.

    It's really pathetic, really. The player power at Chelsea is a major concern.
    I agree. I felt sorry for Hodgson. AVB lacks experience and made a few mistakes, but Roman thinks throwing money around is going to solve his problems. The only way he could buy success is if he pays Mourinho to come back...
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    Never any blame to the players for playing ****. Always the manager...

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    And yet LFC and Blackburn are doing worse and their manager isn't sacked. When are they both going to get sacked? only deluded LFC fans want Kenny in only because he was a "legend" a CC win shouldn't be enough to keep a manager in.

    So I think that it was a bad idea. Chelsea are not far from 4th, which is what they need I feel. I don't think Roberto can do much better for Chelsea tbh.
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    I expected this to come sooner tbh given the history from previous recent chelsea managers, and AVB has done by far the worst out of all of them.
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    Player power bites again at Chelsea - and surprise surprise, its the same bunch that got Scolari sacked. Yet these players won't be playing for too much longer, certainly not consistently at the top level.
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    Am I the only one that think he should of been given to the end of the season at least?


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