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gcse aqa vocabulary list?

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    Hey guys, I'm keen to start revising french however I can not find an up to date vocabulary list. I have a 2009 aqa french vocab list, would this be suffice?
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    Pages 23-49 of this:

    I didn't know about the iPhone app ; it sounds very useful.
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    (Original post by sunnyb)

    If you have an ipod/pad/phone you can download an app with the latest aqa gcse french vocab on the app store. Search for 'french gcse vocab' or similar and it's called cRaMiT French - just been released this week.
    Thank you, however unfortunately, I do not own anything from Apple...
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    (Original post by Alouette!)
    Pages 23-49 of this:

    I didn't know about the iPhone app ; it sounds very useful.
    The vocab doesn't have an english translation


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