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Bae systems apprenticeship?

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    Hey there, I've applied for an technician apprenticeship with BAE Systems at Rochester ... and successfully passed the first stage based on my CV. However, in the next couple of weeks I have a test which to be honest, I'm not so worried about. Should be fine with enough practice!

    The problem hits with the interview! Has anyone had an experience with this stage because I'm really concerned! I hear it's 2 hours, what things do they ask? A project has been required in the previous years but I can't really say I've have done many projects I could comfortably show off for this position. Can anyone give advice on projects??

    I believe I'm quite a good talker, not in a fake way but sociable and friendly so should be fine with the charms, as they say! But yeah, I've made websites, created short films, put together various equipment with like gym machines etc, sports team captains and what not, but nothing vastly to do with engineering and technician work. Irritating as I really want to learn a skill, apprenticeships being where you first begin .. and if I get denied on the basis I've had no experience, defeats the object of being an apprenticeship if that makes sense!

    However, i'm rambling, project ideas?? Any advice would be HUGELY appreciated!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, Matt!!!
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    I'm a BAE Apprentice myself - not in Rochester, but the process sounds pretty much like what I went through.

    The most important thing for the interview is the most important thing for ALL interviews. Relax. The more tense you get, the more you'll stumble and forget good examples and answers to the questions they ask.

    As for the project, that one stumped me too. I ended up doing one specially, just so I could use it in the interview! There was a huge range of them that people used in my intake group, but the important thing is that it shows initiative and understanding. For instance, assembling sports machines won't get you far, because you were (presumably) just following instructions. If you can explain what the websites were for, that might actually do you better. Explain how you analysed the need for them, the processes at your disposal, how you organised your time as you went about it... that sort of thing.

    I think they look for organisation, initiative and comprehension rather than manual skill, for just the reasons you described. It won't do you any harm to point it out though, that acquiring the skills to do more physical projects is one of the things that appeals to you about the apprenticeship!
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    Ahhh thank you for the advice! Appreciate it so much!

    I was thinking of taking in the website idea because it involved researching, planning, creating, evaluating ... all of which based around how well organised you are with time etc! Brilliant, thank you!

    How long did the interview last for if you can remember? Are you enjoying the apprenticeship?
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    Sorry about the late addition to this thread. But I was wondering how the OP did in the interview and everything. I was at the same interview and have been accepted, and am hoping that the OP was just as successful
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    I got accepted for the Rochester technician apprenticeship, anyone else get accepted to this one?


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