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The Nail Thread

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    I'm getting the magnetic nails Inc varnish soon,has anyone tried it?

    (Original post by Mocking_bird)
    Use a base coat to protect the nail - prevent yellowing and some claim to promote better/stronger growth.
    Top coats just seal in the design and prevent chipping.

    Depends, I can't really tell the difference between some cheaper and some expensive ones. The only problem you can get with cheap ones is they sometimes have really long drying times. So an hour later you could accidently knock them and the whole polish will still smudge. But the same can even be said for some expensive ones!

    Some brands I suggest:
    - Technic - Fairly slow drying time but have a nice range of colours for about £1 each.
    - 17 - Quick drying time, only need about 2 coats.
    - Miss Sporty - not got around to trying yet but i've heard they're very good for the price.
    - W7 - Kind of like a cheap OPI.

    Medium range:
    - Revlon - My all time favourite. If you do some looking around online you can find them for cheaper than in say.. Boots.
    - Models own.

    The nicer "expensive" ones which I rarely get!
    - OPI
    - Essie

    Just my opinions, theres so many brands you can get.
    Heres some websites which do some cheap polishes.
    Thank you

    I bought a Sally Hansen 2 in 1 base and topcoat because it was on offer in superdrug and my nails look great. I'm only using a cheap MUA polish so I'll see what the wear is like, but I'll probably buy some better quality stuff if it's rubbish.

    Just thought i'd share these because I absolutely love them!
    W7's "Planet collection"

    I have the 1st (Mercury), 3rd (Jupiter) and 5th (Mars).
    See them all here http://laurasallmadeup.blogspot.co.u...varnishes.html

    That blog says they're about £12, but nope. £3 or so:

    They remind me of a bit of a cheap OPI.
    The smell is insanely strong and the duochrome ones do take quite a while to dry, but its worth it

    there are tutorials on you tube for designs if anyone needs any new ones thats where i head to for inspiration also people use acrylic paint which i find lasts longer in quantity as you have loads of paint and dont have to run around looking for the same shades hope this helps

    I've tried using acrylic paint but it just ends up looking really streaky and.. odd.
    Going to have to give it another go sometime.

    today mine are topshop's 'gone fishing' mint green with white spots

    (Original post by Car0llle)
    Any suggestions for splitting nails, girls?
    i hear there's some sally Hansen thing you can try i tend to just use normal nail polish tho as it strengthens your nails hope this helps

    (Original post by Mocking_bird)
    I've tried using acrylic paint but it just ends up looking really streaky and.. odd.
    Going to have to give it another go sometime.
    i found that too lol but there are some special brushes you can get but i don't know where to get them from lol ? also the acrylics that they use are water based acrylic paints don't know if that helps you some how


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