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Bille Jean or Maggie May?

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  • View Poll Results: Michael Jackson (Billie Jean) or Rod Stewart (Maggie May)?
    Michael Jackson- Billie Jean
    Rod Stewart- Maggie May

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    These are my favourite songs about a certain woman, by two artists who I rate highly.

    Michael Jackson

    Rod Stewart

    Which one do you prefer and why, I cannot choose
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    maggie may, it wasn't written by a pedophile
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    I don't think I've ever heard of Maggie May. Is it supposed to be a famous song?

    I kinda like Billie Jean
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    For whatever reason, I just don't get on very well with Rod Stewart's music. Billie Jean is one of my favourite MJ songs, though, so I guess my vote goes there
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    They are both two fantastic songs and Maggie May is definitely my favourite Rod Stewart song, but I have to go with Billie Jean because the melody of that song is great and MJ is the King of Pop afterall.
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    Maggie May.

    Never been a fan of MJ, but Rod Stewart's early days were fantastic. Maggie May is a terrific song, one of my favourites.
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    (Original post by kopite493)
    maggie may, it wasn't written by a pedophile
    How long did it take you to think of that hilarious remark?
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    (Original post by tomclarky)
    How long did it take you to think of that hilarious remark?
    2 seconds and it wasnt meant as a joke i was being serious
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    Well you're wrong then.


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