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Islam isn't the worst religion.

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    (Original post by internet tough guy)
    Everything you said is fine, and as with everything in religion, how followers choose to interpret their rules and obligation is entirely up to them. Of course with enough dedication and faith in whoever you believe in, you can be inspired to do the most extraordinary things - like I don't know, walk up a mountain everyday? :dontknow:. Still, it doesn't mean they're practical, nor does it negate the fact that there are disadvantages to doing these activities. This is my main disagreement, I object to OP's suggestion to non-muslim (as this thread is aimed at non-muslims) that fasting is practical, because it isn't (on a strictly practical basis). Under the rules of fasting in Islam, say if I've just been through a long day's work and I am thirsty from the heat, I can't just drink - even though my body requires it. You are right, depending on your attitude there can be benefits (such as learning to be humble) from this fasting excercise, but in all honesty I think for most people, these benefits can be acheived through lesser means without such hassle as not consuming anything for up to 15 hours a day.
    Fair enough :shakehand:


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Updated: March 15, 2012
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