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Construction at Bath spa

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    Hey ive just had an email from the university about applying for accomodation, i really had my heart set on newton park accomodation but after reading about their plans for the construction it's really put me of. just wondering what others views are about the construction and if it's making waterside more appealing.
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    Would recommend off campus - so waterside or charlton as are much friendlier accomodation, nicer rooms and plus theres about 650 people right next door to each other so you're bound to meet someone you like! The bus journey to uni is only about 15 minutes and the bus stop is literally a 2 minute walk away from halls! Also close to nightlife and town In terms of construction - its going to be noisy so better off campus than on!!
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    I'm living on Newton Park campus atm and the construction is definitely an eyesore. You can hear the noise in the morning too, but it's not terribly bad. Although NP campus is beautiful, due to the construction there I would recommend Charlton Court or Waterside. Good luck making a choice


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