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How many CARS do you have in your household?

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    (Original post by rogger_frogger)
    My mum lives on a housing estate and the number of cars is ridiculous. People park on their driveway (one space) on their lawn (!) and on the pavement in front of the house.

    When I go past I just laugh and think "it's all debt!"

    Four cars per house is just silly. I suppose it just shows how houses have become stupidly expensive and cars more affordable.
    Unless they can afford the cars, without having them on credit? And what if they have 4 people who need the cars to get to work?

    There are plenty of reasons why people may need more cars than what you have deemed "necessary".
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    We have two at the moment, will most likely have three soon once I pass my test.
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    we used to have 3 one for dad one for mum and a spare in case one broke ... inevitably dads and the spare both died and now we have one :rolleyes: sister should be getting one soon if she passes her test though.
    but in answer to your question its all perspective ... 3 cars is probably more than enough considering you can always share but hey if you feel the need to get more theres nothing stopping you.
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    1, im the only one in my family that drives.
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    My dad goes work in his and my mum goes work in hers. I can't share with my sister as she goes uni in hers and has a part time job. That leaves me I have to go college 5 days a week so do i need one it cost me

    £4.30 per day on the bus which is £21.50 a week and that times by 4= £86.00 a month on bus travel plus i go out on weekends to say about £20 on top =£106 a month
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    Three in the UK - one that daren't be touched until my dad is back home. 1 in Middle East (dad's work) and 2 in USA (summer home).

    Think I'll just share my mums when i pass my test.
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    If you can afford it, I really don't see why there should be a limit... In my house hold my mum and dad each have a car, I have a car and my brother also has one.

    All under one insurance policy. If you feel that you won't be financially stressed by having 4 cars, and you're not investing for a future project or holiday, then I say go for it.

    Enjoy the freedom of having your own car, but be grateful and thankful to your parents!!!
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    4 - I got 1, sister got one, mam got one and dad got one. Neighbours love us
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    three...mum,dad and brother all have a car and im insured on my mums.
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    My dad knocked down the driveway wall when we got three cars , i not sure what he knock down if i get my car .
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    Two unless my housemate brings her work car home (although that normally means her car is left on camp).
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    3 and there are 3 of us. I have my own as my mums is a company car so I can't drive it until I'm 25, and she's always using it, and apparently my step dads car is too big for a new driver. Although unless you're all using a car all the time so can't share there's no real reason to have 1 each. But each to their own and what they can afford and what space you have really Everyone's situation is different so will have different vehicle needs.
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    3 + 1 Company car

    My mum has 1, my dad has 2 (1 is SORN) and his company van, I have none ... yet
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    We have 3... mum has one, dad has one and I have one (brother can drive but insurance is too high for him to afford a car). We need 3 cars though as mum and I both work full time in opposite directions, and public transport is so expensive now that dad needs a car to do errands etc as it works out cheaper.
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    Three, one for my pa, one for my ma, and one for my bro :woo:
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    Technically two but one is in storage because my step-dad uses the company car and the insurance for me to drive his own car is too high.
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    at least 6 cars. no joke. i have a large family and mostly brothers who love cars.
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    Well, my husband can't drive, and all my children are aged 6 or under....so there's just my car.
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    We have three... one per parent (pretty much no public transport round here, and the stuff there is isn't useful), and an old one that my Dad's had for ages. Currently there are an extra 2 cars and a bike in the driveway, as our lodger has his around... though englighten me as to how one person needs three vehicules...
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    1, we rarely need to drive anyway, so 1 is enough.


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