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    (Original post by SoundDevastation)
    We had a talk.. hes determined that he didnt do it, though agreed that the flatenning of my nose bone did look like teeth marks.. either way, we're talking again. He's not very well tbh.. i was suffering badly from depression a few months ago and i can see him going down the same route.. *sigh*
    to be honest i would just leave the issue if he's determined - i've had times with my bf when he's been adamant of something which i'm quite sure he's lying about, and i've found sometimes its male pride and just best to leave it - he admits it eventually.... i'm not one to judge the situation to be honest, but if he seems like he's getting depressed the best thing you can do is stick it out and help him, and if you've been depressed but are feeling better at the mo, you'd be the best person to help him. just my 2p. :p:
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    yeah i know.. but i also know that he'll want his space. Its difficult.. we're so similar that we cant help each other at the best of times.
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    maybe you need to asses what you both want/need at this present time then, and take some time out?

    - i like the poem/lyric-y thing in your sig btw, did you write it??
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    i got my first tattoo this morning and im still alive so alls well hehe :p:

    heres a pic for anyone that interested- its on my lower back right hand side- its really tiny, but looks cute

    i was really surprised by how little it actually hurt, its really aching now though- trying to sleep tonight could be painfull lol
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    awww its pretty!

    I know.. he does anyway! im just about starting to figure some stuff out myself though, whats important etc.

    The quote in my sig is song lyrics, written by a good friend of mine whos the lyricist/vocalist/artist of the band Fall of Efrafa, the lyrics are from a song called No Longer Human.. all his lyrics are so inline with my thoughts right now but these in particular. My avatar is also some artwork for the band which is where my tattoo design comes from. obsessed?! haha.
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    awww your tattoo is pretty
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    Got my lower navel done today! looks well pretty not chavvy at all like i thought it would
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    I'd like to change some of my helix piercings to barbells instead of the BCRs cos they're still a little bit uncomfortable and have small lumps - good idea? Can anyone recommend where I can get some from online cos I've never ordered that sort of jewellry before. Preferably from a UK site. I'd like to get something clear so I can have a break from the piercings for a while without letting them heal, what sort of material should I be looking for? Any advice is appreciated, I'm lost and confused!
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    BJS and Wildcat are good websites.
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    It is a good idea yes. The cheapest place to get standard jewellery is Wildcat.. these titanium barbels are the best bet, though if you want something clear id recommend PMMA retainers.

    bioplast is better than PMMA really, but you have to fiddle around with threading it yourself or buying ball attachments.
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    That's great thanks, the labret retainer looks spot on
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    You shouldn't be using acrylic (PMMA) if they're not healed (wasn't sure if they were or not from your post). Stick to Bioplast, or quartz if they're still healing.
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    Im struggling to find the next size up for my ear stretching. I should be on 2mm but cant find anything that size :confused: i looked on wildcat but nothing.
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    (Original post by Trigger)
    Im struggling to find the next size up for my ear stretching. I should be on 2mm but cant find anything that size :confused: i looked on wildcat but nothing.
    There should be loads of 2mm straight or curved barbells around. You might have to just buy a plain one and get pretty ends, though. I've never seen a 2mm labret stud. Or BCRs are another option there will be loads of.
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    i have an acrylic crescent and blue plug in 2mm if you want them!
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    (Original post by SoundDevastation)
    i have an acrylic crescent and blue plug in 2mm if you want them!
    Oh yes please, shall i pm you my adress? Do you want some cash for them?
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    yes please! shall we say.. £3?
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    sure...how shall i pay you
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    oooh yeah il try that, what your email addy


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