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A-Level Choices?

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    (Original post by felicitybee)
    Looks like I'll have to get a sex change then
    Dont tell me how to spell your name! You didn't even spell it with a capital "F"!
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    (Original post by bhogs001)
    Dont tell me how to spell your name! You didn't even spell it with a capital "F"!
    Huh I didn't realise you were still here. b0gz020
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    (Original post by felicitybee)
    Huh I didn't realise you were still here. b0gz020
    when you quote someone, they know. It's not that im always on here, it's that i take time out to reply to people who cant even spell their own name.
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    (Original post by felicitybee)
    So I have to make my A-Level choices pretty soon and I wanted to get some opinions on the subjects and courses I was thinking about.

    Politics - Edexcel
    English Literature (Studied at GCSE, obviously)
    Classical Civilisation (Studied at GCSE)
    History (Studied at GCSE)

    However, I know that doing 4 essay subjects would be so much work, and I was thinking about dropping either Classics or History for Art (WJEC - Not studied at GCSE). I'm not sure which one would be best to drop though.
    I wasn't sure if it would be too hard to start Art (I'm not brilliant at drawing but I can make sculptures etc.)

    Help me please? c:
    I think your choices are good! I am doing Politics, History and English Literature and I was worried it would be a lot of work. I have found it fine though, they are all essay based but depending on your school/teachers you shouldn't find it too much of a problem. It is not like you write essays in every class anyway. Politics I have found to be reasonably easy and not as content heavy so you should cope! I do Spanish as my fourth subject so I can't relate to doing 4 essay subjects though.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that AS/A level art is supposed to be ridiculous. The girls doing it in my school are always on the verge of a breakdown because of the intense workload.. I really wouldn't advise doing it, I found it a lot of work at GCSE..
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    If you haven't done it at GCSE I'd really not suggest Art - if you're not in the habit of drawing/annotating stuff it's gonna be a pain. My college offers Sculpture as an A Level, so you could look into something like that? And you could probably always do Art as an enrichment subject

    In a way doing so many essay based subjects is a good thing, once you've got the technique nailed you're set. I loved AS History, so that's a good choice. Bear in mind the amount of coursework you'll be doing for all of them if you carry them onto A2 as well.
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    I think dropping one for art would be MORE work, not less
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    You will be surprised about the amount of work for art, I spend much longer on art than I do on my essay subject (don't think it is a soft subject work-wise). You can't do anything by half at A-level art, and you have to put a lot of time and effort in as a result. Also at A-level you have to actually be good at it, at GCSE you can get away with just doing lots of work. If your talking about fine art there is a fair amount of drawing involved at the start of every project that you can't get away from. Personally I love art and find most of the work pretty relaxing from revision and learning for other subjects but if you do it be aware that it is a big step up from GCSE, and I would not have wanted to do it if I didn't have that grounding.


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