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Hangover food!

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    What do you crave most when you wake up after a heavy night on the booze?
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    Bacon Sandwich.
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    Bacon. Always bacon.

    I seem to crave Fanta bizarrely, I think its the sweetness of it. Dairy is off the table until early evening, I can't seem to stomach anything that comes from cows until my stomach as settled!
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    mcdonalds chips, pretty much anything greasy tbh.
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    the toilette bowl ...
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    Kentucky Fried Chicken!
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    Don't really crave food when drunk but when high, you can't go wrong with pizza :coma:
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    When I'm hungover, it has to be McDonalds with a large Irn Bru. Perfection. :coma:
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    nowt like a big greasy full english. its worth having the hangover just for that.
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    straight after coming out of the club, whilst still drunk, I crave cheeseburgers with onions.

    The morning after though, I crave tea. Lots of tea. And something like a sausage and tomato sandwich, or possibly a subway.
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    Warmed up Pizza from the night before always does the trick
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    (Original post by __IWalkTheLine)
    When I'm hungover, it has to be McDonalds with a large Irn Bru. Perfection. :coma:
    Irn Bru is the hangover drink for sure.
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    Don't particularly like eating anything when hungover...

    When drunk though you have to get cheeseburgers from McDonalds, tastes 1,000,000,000 times better than usual!
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    I was at a children's summer camp when I was like 11, and one of their employees (who was probably about 20) told us all that a full fry-up (with eggs) cured hangovers.

    Bearing in mind we had never drunk alcohol in our lives and didn't really know what a 'hangover' was, it's amazing that I live by that advice even today!
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    Recently nothing, I eat A LOT when drunk, so my stomach is completely destroyed the next morning. However, when drunk, onion rings and chips do the trick - lots of them.
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    Bacon and egg sandwiches with chips would be my ideal hangover meal.
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    Ermmmm depends on the degree of hangover, to be honest.

    In general, a full brekkie--veggie sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, BEANS, tattie scones, etc.--with copious amounts of strong tea is the nicest thing imaginable.

    But for those mornings (or afternoons...ha. Disgraceful.) when I wake up and really just can't face food, Irn-Bru is the only thing I can stomach. I could swear it's the best cure around.


    Whilst drunk though, it's all about the chips with curry sauce (if we can find an open chippy) or Ko Lee noodles from Poundland, if we get back too late.

    This may possibly account for the unnecessarily high number of kettle burns sustained this semester.
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    (Original post by PinkMobilePhone)
    with onions.
    sing is the liff an less you maet some one nics
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    (Original post by ateafeline)
    sing is the liff an less you maet some one nics
    pardon? :confused:
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    Marmite toast. Always marmite toast.


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Updated: April 22, 2012
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