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GCSE Higher Calc March 2012 - Paper and model answers in first post

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    Pretty easy paper
    Attached Files
  2. File Type: pdf 21012 March 4H Edexcel red 1.pdf (462.4 KB, 5399 views)
  3. File Type: pdf 21012 March 4H Edexcel red 2.pdf (755.6 KB, 5209 views)
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    Thanks so much, I'll check through it now
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    Arsey, for question 17 I got the answer wrong, but correctly drawn the triangles on the graph. Do you think I can atleast get 1 mark for this?
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    Thanks for that. Looks like ive done well on them. However, have you got the first 15 questions?

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    If I got 55 in the calc, and 68-72 in the non calc, roughly what grade would that be?
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    Would 68 marks be enough for a C?
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    Could someone post the MODULAR higher unit 2 paper and answers from the same day, can't find them anywhere
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    Would 79 in non calculator and 94 in calculator paper be enough for an A*
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    Has anyone got the Unit 3 Calculator 5 March mark scheme?
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    For 16 d) I got 53, rather than taking away 53 from 60. Would I get any marks if I have still shown my working out?
    22) I showed ALL my working out, but I got my answer to 36 (giving reason.) I obviously did not put the decimals in somewhere, how many makrs would I lose/gain? Please help
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    (Original post by Arsey)
    Pretty easy paper
    Omg thanks for uploading that xD
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    I got around 84 on the non-calc and around 94 on the calc, would that be enough for an A*?
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    I got 94 on the calculator paper and around 65 on the non calcualtor one,is that enought for an A?
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    I got around 130-140 marks on both papers? Do you think I have a chance of getting an A?
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    (Original post by bobe25)
    I got 94 on the calculator paper and around 65 on the non calcualtor one,is that enought for an A?
    I think that is enough. You're safe for the A
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    (Original post by Barry2011)
    Would 68 marks be enough for a C?
    Most probably yes.
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    (Original post by i1DEmma)
    I got around 84 on the non-calc and around 94 on the calc, would that be enough for an A*?
    I am pretty sure that that's enough
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    I got roughly 75 - 80 is that good enough for a C? XD I sound pretty stupid because you all going for A's and I'm just here attempting to get my C in higher XD
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    For question 22 I did it to 1(d.p) instead of 3sf would I still get all the marks? Secondly, my friends and I did VAT on each tyre then times 3 instead of 3 times the tyre price and then VAT on the that. Which one is correct because the wording of the question isn't clear but sounds like the VAT on each tyre.
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    In total I think I got 160-165.
    Do you think that is enough for an A*?


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