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MSc/DforenPsy in Forensic Psychology

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    I am applying to Nottingham for the full Forensic Psychology course (the one year masters + 2 year doctorate) but I am concerned that my work experience won't be 'forensic' enough, I have volunteered in a psychiatric hospital and I currently work in a secondary school that has a large SEN dept.
    I have a 2:1 in psychology and criminology, but I graduated in 2010 and so my subject knowledge is rusty.

    I have so many questions so if anyone has done this course or is thinking of applying as well, or anyone with experience.... please let me know!!

    Thank you in advance!
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    Hey Ani,

    Have you applied or are you thinking of applying?

    I have an interview next week. I think if you haven't applied already, it may be too late for entry into Sept 2012. They close the applications process in Feb each year.

    Call the course administrator. Thats what I did last year and she advised me that I had enough experience to apply.

    She stated that there were some candiates who they interviewed and offered the Masters only route and told them to come back for the 2 yr Phd top-up when they had more experience.

    She was really helpful!

    Also look here;


    All the best,

    James ML
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    Hi James,

    Sorry for my late reply. I have just received an email inviting me for an interview for a doctorate (I'm guessing somebody must have dropped out?).
    I was just wondering how yours went, did you get it, what sort of questions were you asked and what was the exam about??
    Basically, any advice you can give me would be VERY much appreciated. My interview is on 1st May and I'm scaaaared!

    Thank you
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    Hi Ani.
    I understand that you went to interview last year. I am just wondering how it went and what sort of questions you were asked?
    I have an interview next week and I am a bit scared to be honest
    I will really appreciate with any help that you can offer.

    Thank you very much.
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    Hi Ela,

    I have an interview for the MSc next month and from what i've read everyone for the MSc, Doctorate and top-up have been told that the interview consists of a 30 minute test and a 45 minute panel interview. I'm sure they aren't exactly the same but i was just wondering if you could tell me about your interview, any tricky questions? what was the test on, anything that would help me a little, even if they are slightly different for each course. This is the only MSc i have applied for and i didn't have to interview for my BSc so i don't really know what to expect. Hope your interview went well!


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