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does anyone else feel like this?

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    ..like their social life isn't as good at uni during the day?

    obviously people have lectures and stuff, but at college/home me and my friends go out for meals, to the cinema, to the pub, even just out to the park or fountains if it's sunny. here at uni I'm on my own pretty much all day when I'm not at uni. I'll see my flatmates obviously, but a lot of people just go out at night, just drinking and clubbing. I'll go clubbing maybe a couple of times a month but I find it boring and hate the music so I only go infrequently to stop getting as bored of it when I'm there.

    the only thing I do in the day with people is hang out in flats..people seem reluctant to go out in the day whereas I enjoy going out in the day, even if it's just exploring the city, visiting galleries or mooching round the shops. I also miss how it is going out at home - usually going to a few bars, having a few drinks and being able to talk to people and then going onto a club afterwards. Here everyone pre-drinks, and then spends like 4 hours in a massive club.

    I just feel like I'm not really enjoying student life as much as I should be to be honest, which really annoys me because I was so looking forward to uni. I love my course and uni, have made some lovely friends, just sometimes miss the home lifestyle. Anyone else feel the same?
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    I totally understand where you're coming from.

    In my first term, I was a bit of a party animal to say the least. I'd be out almost every night and would do little in the day apart from sleep, go to uni or chill with mates in the flat recovering from the night before. This lifestyle was brilliant at the time, but the novelty soon starts to wear off. I'd say I started to get bored of the same old routine a few weeks into my second term, but the majority of my friends still seem to want to go out all of the time.

    I've had to limit myself to going out once a week now due to money issues, but I'm actually not bothered in the slightest. My liver sure needs a break anyway! But it's really annoying how no one seems to want to do anything that doesn't revolve around alcohol. The other day we all went to a beer garden in the day which was nice, but it still revolves around drink. I'd love to explore the city a bit more or go sunbathe on the park or whatever, but no one seems to want to do this.

    I'm looking forward to going home and doing a few normal things with my friends, like going to the beach and a pub lunch WITHOUT alcohol or whatever. First year has been amazing but I'm so ready to move out of halls and have a bit of normality back into my life.
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    Agreed. I don't feel like I really know anyone because it's just a standard thing to get drunk and party whereas I want to actually make good friends. I have friends but they're not the sort that I could go to if I had a problem or something because we never have time to actually get to know each other on a more personal level :\
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    There's a huge variation of people at university, but it's another thing all together finding these like-minded people. Near enough everyone I've met here is a party animal, and loves to go out and get drunk. It's difficult to fit in when you don't match the 'student' stereotype/culture.
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    (Original post by Chris22)
    There's a huge variation of people at university, but it's another thing all together finding these like-minded people. Near enough everyone I've met here is a party animal, and loves to go out and get drunk. It's difficult to fit in when you don't match the 'student' stereotype/culture.
    I couldn't agree more! Especially in the first year :\ it's like dude...I just want to have a cuppa and good conversation, not get hammered every night. I don't even know where to begin trying to find like-minded people. I seem to have fare-weather friends. I'm kind of upset because I actually want friends for life, not friends that call whenever they want a night out.
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    People will go out during the day, but British student life is centred around the night time. I mean, ask your mates to go to cafe rouge etc. to have lunch if you like, that's not uncommon. You can still do that, but as students, I guess your not as able to go as frequently as when you did during college years.

    Join societies and sports, and I'm sure will find less alcoholics
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    yeah I went out a lot last term - not as much as others, but I went to all the freshers events etc., and went out at least once a week after freshers just because I didn't want to miss out on flatmate bonding/meeting new people, etc. This term I think I've been out twice maybe? I'm sick of doing something I don't enjoy, the day before if I know I'm out clubbing I just dread it..not worth it to be honest.

    Whenever I go out in the day, it's always by myself. I try to arrange things, there was a film I really wanted to see at the cinema and my flatmate said she wanted to see it too, so we agreed on Wednesday. Tuesday comes around.. 'Oh sorry I'm out tonight so won't be able to go tomorrow (too hungover)..So I think fair enough, rearranged for the Wednesday after, she cancels again because she can't be bothered to leave the flat in the day. Obviously this is just one singular example, but it's annoying and just represents the attitudes of most people at uni I've experienced so far.

    It's hard because I do wonder sometimes if I am boring..I have hobbies, but am generally a more quiet person. I love socialising - but am more than happy to go to the cinema, have a nice meal, even just go and sit outside in the park on a nice day. I enjoy things like reading, music, art, museums .. which it seems rare for other students to like. Maybe it's just me.

    The funny thing is, when I'm at home, I would go clubbing/to town as often as I could, because the atmosphere was different, and I live in quite a big city so it's not just that I'm missing a smaller town scene or anything. Going out at home was about seeing everyone outside of college, catching up with people, having a few drinks at bars, and then going to a club after, and I always had a good time. At uni it's going to a massive club for 4 hours straight and people seem to go just to get with people. When I've been clubbing at uni the people I go with pretty much get very self-orientated and ignore everyone else when they're there.

    ....rant over!


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