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LCF Buying and Merchandising Foundation Confirmed Students!

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    :congrats: CONGRATULATIONS! :jive:

    Just thought I'd start this thread so we could all start to get to know each other a bit better! What is everyone doing about accomodation?

    If you'd like to add me on facebook : http://www.facebook.com/Becky.L.Bond

    Well done again!

    - Becky
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    pretty certain i'll be starting this course in september, waiting to hear back from another course still but think i prefer this one anyway

    accommodation-wise i'm quite lucky as i only live an hour by train and tube so i will be staying at home, what is everyone else doing?

    if anyone would like to add me on facebook it's https://www.facebook.com/tashamclellan, just about to add you becky
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    How's everyone? I'm thinking of applying for the camberwell campus, although i hope its not just for camberwell students? It seems the most reasonable priced but idk.

    Here's my facebook link if anyone wants to add me, (added you both, becky and tasha!): http://www.facebook.com/ellislis

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    added you back ellis! as far as i am aware you are able to apply for any of the housing residents so camberwell should be fine if you want to apply there
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    I've just got my acceptance for Bernard Myers today. Was a bit unsure about what to choose but in the end went for BM because it seems like it's in a lovely location and the room seems to suit me more (double bed, plenty of room for the boyf should he want to stay - he's 6ft 5!) and an ensuite. Bit worried about the transport links but I think that's just because I'm used to everywhere in London being a 5 minute walk away from a tube.

    I selected the 6th of September to move in but will most likely have to move it forward (if these even are the dates - they seem awfully early!) as I'm going on holiday. Will be loads of time to get used to the commutes anyway!

    What did you go for in the end Ellis?

    - Becky
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    Hi Dolls,

    I am another confirmed student on that course.Trying to sort out my job before we start.

    Any news what subjects are we gonna study?

    Best wishes,
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