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Man. United vs Athletic Club - Tonight @ 8:05PM

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    Smalling with hair is just hilarious. :rofl2:

    1-0 :manutd:
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    (Original post by Tommyjw)
    They arent that match of an underdog, perfectly capable of winning.

    Not as strong a midfield as i would have liked to seen, but i guess it has to be not-full-strength at some time.
    Oh, I agree they're not 9/1 or anything of the sort like we were. But United at home. The famous United at home. Their record is just incredible. And i'm sure Bilbao appreciate that. And odds-wise they're still over 5/1 to win in the 90.

    I'm not that surprised at that actually. And United just scored. So...yeah lol. United are just brilliant at home.
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    Rooney :manutd:
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    Good goal, great passing for it.
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    Rooney wasn't having that great of a game before the goal, hopefully the goal will give him a bit of a lift.
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    great goal, Rooney
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    I should have put money on Rooney to score first goal aha, I knew it would be him
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    That's a real poacher's effort from Rooney

    Think we got a bit lucky there with Smalling on Llorente.
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    Bilbao are leaving so many gaps at the back. I reckon we'll get more on the counter.
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    The counter attacking could be key but been a few silly balls given away in doing so so far.
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    I'm not watching the game but by all accounts Bilbao are playing quite well? They have a few good players, I seem to recall - Muniain, Llorente and Martinez come to mind, as well as Iraola.
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    How did he miss that? :facepalm2:
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    Channel 5 commentator just said Giggs is the most successful English player in Europe, ever :rofl2:
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    Bilbao should have scored by now..........Playing like Barcelona at times. No wonder Messi wants Bielsa to replace Pep should he leave.
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    Absolutely brilliant save!
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    Sexual pass inside the fullback from Bilbao :coma:
    That was liquid football.
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    Ryan Giggs :^_^:
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    (Original post by -Someone-Like-You-)
    That said, Rooney is in the team. And I rate Rooney. A lot. He can change the game in an instant for United. So if United score first, there's a very good chance Rooney will be involved somehow, and probably hold it out. But the longer it goes on, the better chance Athletic have!
    Good call, but not a surprising one.

    Sidenote, just noticed that the entire Bilbao squad is Spanish.
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    (Original post by Welsh Leprecaun)
    Good call, but not a surprising one.

    Sidenote, just noticed that the entire Bilbao squad is Spanish.
    Athletic Bilbao have always had a policy of only having Basque/Basque roots players.


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