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Flatmates/housemates Wanted For UAL Housing/accommodation

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    My course mate and I are looking for 1 or 2 new housemates to move in with in the next academic year.
    The sooner we find some people, the quicker we can sign for a house.

    We are thinking of moving in or around the areas of Borough, Southwark, Oval, London Bridge, Canada Water, Tower Bridge, Brixton or Clapham South.

    We are currently studying at LCC, and will be going into our second year of Magazine Publishing as of September.
    My course mate is male, and we enjoy nights out, but are responsible at the same time. We are both 20.

    If you are interested, please don't hesitate to email us, and enquire further.

    Best wishes...
    Antonia and Ben
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    hey im going lcf in september and im looking house mates. add me on facebook merowe flynn
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    hey I'm starting my film&television course at LCC september 2013 and I'm also looking for a flat : ) I'm interested
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    I'm an American looking for a place, 20 as well. Was recently accepted to CCW foundation and now Im looking for a house.
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    We are two female 2nd years students living in camberwell at the moment! One of us studying at Camberwell and the other at Wimbledon looking to move around August time. Would be good to meet you guys if your interested.

    Thanks! Matty and Becky
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    Im looking for a flat/housemates, I start Photojournalism at LCC in September. Im 20, looking to move towards the end of August. Would prefer to live somewhere not too far from the uni so south east, or east london. If anyone is interested, contact me !


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    Hi there,

    I'm looking for a room in a shared house/flat as I will be studying Costume Design at Wimbledon in September. I'm interested in being close to the university so don't want to be in central London but any place close to Wimbledon or IN Wimbledon. I'm from Cornwall so looking will be slightly difficult as I can't go house hunting all the time due to the distance but might be able to make it up once or twice later in the summer.

    Anyone interested in teaming up?

    A little about me - 22, have been living on my own for over 3 years now so have experience in living independently - down to earth guy, easy to get on with, like being sociable but respect others privacy/space and enjoy staying in as much as going out. Currently studying an Art & Design foundation - have facebook if anyone is up for a chat.


    Louis C:


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