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Inspiration for all those who start revising very late, you can get good grades!

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AQA GCSE physics P1 unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    good memory ?
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    I personally kicked myself for not revising, I was still stuck in GCSE mode tbh, were you could breeze the exams.
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    (Original post by Nacho King)
    Okay, today i recieved my A2 exam results from the January exams. I posted numerous times on here asking if i had started too late etc.
    So if your reading this around exam time, you still can get A's etc. I had 5 exams within 2 weeks and i only started revising in January about a week before my first exam. I remember thinking i would never be able to get A's and i would have to resit in the summer, however this is what i achieved:

    84/100 ums (A) after revising 3 days before the exam.
    89/100 ums(A) 1 weeks revision
    89/100 ums (A) 5 days revision
    73/100 (B) and 83/100 (A) did no revision for either as it was general studies.

    I posted this, i when i was worrying about my exams i would google 'have i left my revision too late' etc. and so if you have done the same, this is meant to encourage you that you can still do well. :P
    Lol, you've got13 dislikes for this
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    OP you such. I'm now demotivated to revise.
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    Thanks for telling us it's possible OP However no-one should ever leave it that late out of laziness
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    Try doing only a week of work for an A2, 3-text, closed-book exam and let me know how you get on.

    There are some subjects and some specifications where exam technique + memorising basic facts will get you the grades, but it is often the case that limited revision ruins one's chance of success.
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    (Original post by miss_sexy)
    Lol, you've got13 dislikes for this
    lol the guy who said that this was a cover up has the same amount of likes lol
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    (Original post by miss_sexy)
    Lol, you've got13 dislikes for this
    Now 18 dislikes, i don't know why, people are seeing this the wrong way.
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    (Original post by Nacho King)
    Now 18 dislikes, i don't know why, people are seeing this the wrong way.
    I know right lool. haha dont worry, you really motivated me for an exam i felt i was doomed and unprepared but the work in at the last minute just came out of it an hour ago and I think it went well X
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    (Original post by ROYP)
    There's no way this thread will be alive in June
    May, close enough.
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    well tom is my exam and im starting to revise NOW well i know that im a bit late but wish me gd luck
    thx for the encourgment as i always say.... it is never too late
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    (Original post by Nacho King)
    I think exam technique is important in getting a good grade, also if it is last minute revision you are doing then quickly scan through the topics in the textbook and look for general things you could include in any answer, for example economies of scale and price elasticity of demand can be put into alot of business questions somewhere. Then in the exam, if you haven't revised then you need to have an open mind on the questions if you don't have the exact answer and try to link in the general topics in somewhere, as your knowledge is limited you need to try and expand on the limited points you make as well as you can. Evaluation and analysis is more important than content so just try and justify and evaluate all your points no matter how poorly you do it.
    This is the technique i used for my business unit 3 exam and scored 84/100.

    Sorry for my explaination being so poor, these exams were 2 months ago and i can't really remember my technique very well. Hope it helps you.
    Call *******s then, I took my A2's almost two years ago, and I can still remember how I revised for them.

    And tbh I'd prefer to enjoy revising and learning my subjects rather than leaving it to the last minute, picking random things to learn and praying that I got it right.

    If your story is true you could've quite easily got D's or C's across the board - you lucked out, nothing more.
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    congrats on your results, but arent you a bit annoyed that, if you had put even just a months work in, you could of got A*s?
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    (Original post by resentment.)
    May, close enough.
    I stand corrected
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    cool that is what i plan on doing
    Going through GCSEs easy enough and I'm not revising at all. Going out in a bit too
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    i think if your doing resits you can probably cram a lot (thats what ive been doing as ive been getting lasy)
    but otherwise, hard core revision is the only way...
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    There are 2 choices here:

    1) Learn and revise in good time, so you are prepared in good time for the exams
    2) Panic revise a week/few days before, and not achieve as well as you should have, even if you are still happy with the eventual results

    I know which one I went for.
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    Feeling hostility in this thread! The point is to do your best in the time you have, learn from any mistakes and improve next time. Well done for achieving those grades and even if not everyone can 'get away with that' you've proved that sometimes things can go well when you think they're bad - bottom line, keep a positive mindset during exams.
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    Yeah, this really doesn't work once you're at university

    But for resits cramming can definitely work, I improved a C grade to an A in a Biology AS exam after doing 3 hours revision the night before (was concentrating on other exams). But you really need some knowledge of the topics beforehand.

    It's not a good habit to get into though.
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    Lol did the same for Jan exams - chemistry got 112/120, 93% but C3 only got 81/100 lol.


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