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aqa science c2 exam results 2012

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    Hi, what did everyone get for the AQA C2 science exam, i really thought i got an A* and turned out with a B completely gutted
    what did all you lot get
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    Wow I'm exactly the same, only test I came out of thinking it was pretty easy and I had at least a high A but I got a B too! so annoying!
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    i cant understand why i didnt get an A* i revised for months and knew all the keyword and everything you had to say , even on the mock exams i got an A*
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    I got an A* and I actually got FULL MARKS!!

    Last year, doing core science, someone like me was on foundation tier. Shows how much my rubbish school underestimated me

    The exam wasn't that hard. The "How science works" questions were the only hard ones.
    In terms of content in the paper, the paper was far more different than past papers and more interesting


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Updated: March 13, 2012
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