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AQA GCSE physics P1 unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    YORKIE with a CRUNCHIE filling.


    oh no wait..
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    (Original post by MelissaJayne)
    YORKIE with a CRUNCHIE filling.


    oh no wait..
    But that exists!! Look!

    Oh, oh wait - you were just doing it for the joke?! No? Because a Crunchie and Yorkie would surely make a Crunky! Hoho!! CAN YOU IMAGINE A CHOCOLATE BAR WITH SUCH A HILARIOUS NAME?

    .... o...oh.
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    Damn, pipped to the post...TWICE!
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    Lion Bar and a Star Bar.
    Stali Bar. Me likey.
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    A Picnic with pieces of Fudge mixed throughout.

    I shall call you Fudgnic and together we will be unstoppable!

    And imagine this if you will;
    A Yorkie (the plain blue one) mixed with M&Ms Crispy (or, if it's allowed by Toto Law, every M&Ms variety).

    Yorkie Surprise! Or Yorkm's. (I can't decide which is the least worst).
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    Kinder Eggs but with a Lindt truffle filling instead of those rapidly worsening toys.
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    (Original post by MelissaJayne)
    Kinder Eggs but with a Lindt truffle filling instead of those rapidly worsening toys.
    Thoughts on a Ferrero Rocher/Lindt truffle combo? Ferrero shell, Lindt centre. Can't decide if it'll work...

    Think Kinder Egg is just that bit too big for the Lindt centre, what you think about a Milkyway centred Kinder Egg?
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    I was going to say Fudge Snickers to make Fuc...


    No, but genuinely, FUDGE SNICKERS. Then I realised America already has this. SMUG SODS. Thankfully it doesn't use the amalgamated name...

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    Guylian bar meets Kinder Beuno!
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    (Original post by TotoMimo)
    CARAMIRL; a caramel-cored Twirl from Cadbury.

    HOLY CRAP. Or a Galaxy Caramipple. Galaxy...Cripple?
    Oops, I read that wrong... :mmm:


    For me it would be a trio of a Milky Way, with bits of the crunchiness from a Crunchie included whilst being smothered in Lindt chocolate! :sogood:
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    Kinder Bueno with Terry's Chocolate Orange filling.
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    A Cadbury creme egg with the filling of a mini egg.
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    Reese's peanut butter cup meets Dairymilk Caramel eggs.

    Think of a giant peanut butter cup with a chocolate crust, peanut butter mantle and caramel core. :dice:
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    Imagine two of Cadbury's "budget" bars had a baby to form the ultimate;

    FUDGY WURLY. A huge Curly Wurly-sized-and-shaped Fudge...
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    Ferrero Rocher mixed with a peanut butter cup/Nutrageous Bar.

    So, you could have a Ferrero Rocher shape and size with a PB layer around the outside after the wafer and before the nutella and hazelnut center.

    Ferrero Peanocher.


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