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Speech and Language Therapy 2012 entry

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    Has anyone received an acknowledgment receipt for their application and/or an offer from Ulster? Are they waiting for the HPAT results to come out and then make their decisions?

    Thank you!
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    Yes, they're waiting for the HPAT results. I was initially unsuccessful, but they reconsidered and said the outcome would depend on the results of the HPAT. Since I got that this morning, I'm hoping to get an offer for radiography. Fingers crossed for everyone!
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    hi, so have neither of yous heard anything from uni of ulster?

    i got my HPAT results this morning but i checked on the UCAS website and nothing has changed i just would like a decision made about it lol
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    Nope, haven't heard anything yet. Hoping, though... I scored in the 100th percentile.
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    oh waow!!! well done, that's amazing!!!! i only got 75

    What radiography are you going for?
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    Either - I applied for both therapeutic and diagnostic. I'm 46 though, so I don't know if my age will play a role in the selection process. Guess I'll soon know, eh? Best of luck to you and everyone else hoping for a spot!!!
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    Anyone have a reply on UCAS yet?
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    i did that too! i'm 22, so technically a mature student too lol!! but i don't think they can use your age for selection. yeah, the wait is nearly over good luck to you too!!
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    I'm 22 as well! If I get in, this will be my second degree. The wait is almost too much for me in my old age!
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    oh really? what did you do in your first degree? i did 2 years of chemistry with drug discovery but decided it wasn't for me. haha i know, it's hard to wait! what have you applied to?
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    My first degree was in English. I enjoyed it, but in terms of employability it was a big mistake. I've only applied to SLT at Jordanstown 'cause I'm too poor to move away, and indeed, to broke to even pay the extra £11 to add an extra choice! The life of an Arts graduate...


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