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How many exams have you got in June?

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    When is everyone starting revision? I have 6 inc. general studies
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    (Original post by Oromis263)
    Maths: Mechanics 1, Core 4
    I'll be aiming for A*s, but I'm not too fussed, as I only need:
    96/100 (Maths for A*)
    Just wondering why this is as your sig says you got 100/100 in C3 :confused:

    (Oh nvm, I'll assume it has to do with the overall 80% average? :p:)
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    excatly the same as OP - 9 with 3 silly resits :L
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    12- c3,c4,fp2,fp3,m1,m2,s2, chem3, chem4, phys3,phys4, biol2
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    (Original post by Bromine)
    Just wondering why this is as your sig says you got 100/100 in C3 :confused:

    (Oh nvm, I'll assume it has to do with the overall 80% average? :p:)
    Yeah, I need 90% average between Core 3 and 4, but now I just need 80 in Core 4, and 16 in Mechanics 1 and I get an A*
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    Six, one of them being a resit for philosophy.
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    I have 4 (F215, Chem 5, HY4 and LL4) if I decide not to resit, 5 if i end up resitting my Chem 4 exam.......
    I had 5 last summer too :/
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    2:- A level maths C4 and M1
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    six seven if I decide to re-sit PSYA3! four A-levels though..
    GEOG3 13th June
    MSTU4 15th June
    BIOL4 15th June (resit)
    PSYA4 18th June
    GEOG4 19th June
    BIOL5 22nd June
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    6 exams including 2 general studies so 4. I need to get at least an E in gs though.
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    I have three in five days during May, including one on my birthday.

    Cheers Edexcel!
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    7 - am I being to ambitious?
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    FP2, D2, M2 and Pol 2.
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    Comp1, Econ1 & 2, Maths C1 C2 and S1 and History 1H and 2D
    Gonna be a very fun 10 days
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    I've got five:

    1 English Lit
    2 General Studies
    1 Citizenship
    1 Psychology
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    2 Law and Religious Studies
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    Six but three are resits.
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    do we keep our highest mark even if our resit is lower?
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    OCR biology 1 and 2, OCR chem 1 and 2, c2, s1, AQA Geog 1 and 2, General Studies 1 and 2, A2 Critical Thinking OCR U4

    11 :/
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    (Original post by TenaciousMonkey)
    FP2, FP3, M4, M5, Chem 5, Phys 5

    And the retakes:

    M2, M3, Phys 4, Chem 1, Chem 2, Chem 4

    -.- 12 exams D:
    duuuuuuude what are you doing?!

    If your Unis don't want (or you aren't taking) Additional Further Maths, I strongly suggest not to bother taking the extra mechanics units. You're doing every chemistry exam since AS, a physics retake, two further pure and two mechanics units - are you mental?? haha

    I don't mean to come across as patronizing but I was in your position last month; I wanted to take M4 and STEP in addition to my 4 A2s to ease the pressure off the start of uni. There is honestly no point of doing extra exams because there's a serious risk of you doing worse on your others. If you find mechanics easy, just self-teach the modules or do British Physics Olympiad papers or the mechanics problems in STEP. Trust me man, it will look much better if you get A*A*A*A at A-level rather than A*A*BC. Not implying that you can't ace your exams but doing so many modules is just pretty sad tbh, much better to practice tougher questions (if you want, pm me your email and I can send you some physics problems (Oxbridge prep etc) from hell that don't need M3+ to answer)


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