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York St John's Accommodation

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    Hey all,

    So i think i might put York SJ as my first choice, studying physiotherapy. Was just wondering if anyone had any advice on what accommodation is best for first year students
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    Limes! About 15 minute walk to campus and 20 minutes to town but really good standard of accommodation and a more community feel than some of the others, socialising when you want it but not all the time. If you want socialising ALL the time then Percy's Lane.
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    Oh and Physio at YSJ is fab!
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    Thanks ever so much for the advice, can't wait to to get started What are you studying at YSJ?
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    Occy Therapy so some shared modules with Physio, the Physio students are all really engaged in the course and it is incredibly competitive to get on to, something like 20 applications for each place this year.
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    Oh wow! you enjoying it? I went for an interview back in Nov and got offered a place so over the moon with that one! It's defo going to be my first choice, the city is beautiful and everyone seems so friendly.
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    I'm loving it, the Uni is nice. A really good mix of "normal" folk and because a lot of the courses, especially in HLS are vocational, people really know where they want to be.

    I think Physio is a little more intense than OT so be prepared for some serious assignment writing.

    The size of the Uni is just about right. Only 6000 students so its difficult to walk across campus without finding somebody you know and we get the benefit of having the other Uni for the numbers which widens the entertainment opportunities in the City.
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    haha well i am glad to hear there are a good mix of "normal" folk!

    I knew that physio was going to be pretty intense but you got to do what you got to do to get to where you want to be!

    Ah am glad its a small uni, specially cause i have never lived in uk before, needs to find myself ya knoww.

    Do you socialise with the other uni a lot?
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    One or two do but not many... There is some "healthy banter" between the two Universities.
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    Ah ok, i guess York's not to big so you must bump into people when you're out and about. How's the sports life at YSJ? (website doesn't tell you much out the societies and sports which the uni offers)
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    As a small uni the sports and societies are limited but as long as you can get people together who want to be involved the SU will help you set up a society.

    There are plenty of sports teams but we're a bit like Luxembourg... because we're tiny we don't have huge numbers to draw from so don't tend to win much
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    yeah thats fair enoughh. Do sports teams travel around uk ectt? You in your first year?
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    The teams compete as part of the BUCS system (

    The last round of results weren't too bad at all though and I think for a lot of the teams there are a lot of first years getting to know one another which makes a difference to team cohesion.
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    Ah tidy! looks pretty good!

    AS long as theres a decent range of sporting activities and stuff, i am all up for that. Is the gym good? Can you get like a year gym membership or whatever?
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    Gym membership is done on a term by term basis, I think it's about £25 a month on average and the gym is well equipped as it is used by the Sports Science courses.
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    Ah brilliant! Thanks ever so much for all your help, really appreciate it. Is york nightlife any good?
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    York is OK but Leeds is better,only 20 minutes by train and trains through the night. York is getting better and most of the bars have student nights during the week. The Willow is a cracking way to end a night out though, Chinese Restaurant which becomes a disco, sounds very wrong, is loads of fun :-D
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    hahaha that is brilliant! A chinese that turns into a disco, the banter... i can just imagine it! Do you venture into leeds a lot? Is YSJ a big drinking uni?
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    (Original post by FrankLee)
    Occy Therapy so some shared modules with Physio, the Physio students are all really engaged in the course and it is incredibly competitive to get on to, something like 20 applications for each place this year.

    Hi i have an offer for OT aswell so may see you in september.
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    (Original post by DubaiChick)
    Thanks ever so much for the advice, can't wait to to get started What are you studying at YSJ?
    hey DubaiChick... Im actually coming from Bahrain! Wondering have you looked at flights yet? Im studying (hopefully) primary education.


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