Accounting january 2012 accn1

    Hey guys i was wondering if any of you guys had any of these...
    ACCN1 exam paper for jan 2012
    Mark scheme for ACCN1
    ACCN2 exam paper for jan 2012
    Mark scheme for ACCN2

    And the exam board is AQA
    i would really appreciate it, thanks a lot.
    I need a lot of revision as i aim for an A for all my other exams. insha-allah

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    Anyone are you serious.

    (Original post by Maphs)
    Anyone are you serious.
    look at some of the threads on these exams on here, someone uploaded the papers not sure about the mark schemes. type A.A.T. he might be able to help you

    inbox me your email, il send it u. I just dont have the accn1 mark scheme for 2012 but have the rest. if you want the accn4 mark scheme too let me know

    just pm me pleeeaaase


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