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Favourite place in the world?

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    Where's yours? and why! Think mine would have to be New York, but Havana, Cuba comes a close second!
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    I've not been to very many places.
    My point was that I was predicting many people replying saying all of these extravagant places that they have never been to and claiming them to be their favourite place (I was just being honest to try to show this up if you know what I mean).
    I guess I have been proven right.
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    Pangkor Island, Malaysia.
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    Myanmar or Colombia, can't decide!
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    The Isles of Scilly
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    Amsterdam or Munich
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    The 2 places I'd revisit r Barbados (paradise & sporty place) & Budapest (different but the same; old but also new, I think Pest is the new half). Being at Taj Mahal site, Mysore & top of Empire State Building is also nice for me.
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    Probably New York.

    Spent a week on holiday there a couple of years ago. Absolutely loved the place.

    Would it be the same living there? I'd like to give it a go.
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    For the beauty:

    Banana Islands, Sierra Leone - don't go during the rainy season, pretty much ruined my stay

    Amedzofe, Eastern Region, Ghana - beautiful mountain village with rainforest, waterfalls etc.

    Multiple places in Norway - I love this country, it has forest, mountains, tundra, it can be lovely in summer and chilling in winter ...


    Agona Swedru, Central Region, Ghana - no particular attraction apart from that I have lived there and feel deeply in love with this place for all the friends I made and my school.

    Wow, sometimes you REALLY wonder how you can get negs for something such not offensive or controversial ...
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    My bed <3
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    I've been a few places, seen some beautiful and amazing things on this planet, but it's so true when people say 'there's no place like home'. For me, my home and village is my favourite place in the world
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    Edinburgh or Paris ♥
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    (Original post by Botakgi)
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    Southern Cyprus - might just be due to familiarity though, as it's not exactly spectacular
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    New York definitely, also San Francisco, I liked Rome too but I love travelling all over
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    Mecca! It's certainly the bizarrest place I've seen! I'm not a fan of institutionalised religion, but the extent to which you can feel the energy that is a result of the devotedness of the people to their faith is overwhelming. I was also amazed at how modern and progressive the city is (on the outisde). The architecture and amenities reminded me of Singapore, but take one step into the side streets and you feel hundreds of years set back in time. Simply amazing. I only caught a glimpse of Jeddah on the Saudi-Arabian red sea coast when we went to the airport, but I've heard that the city is a lot more liberal than Mecca, definitely want to go there one day.

    Other amazing place for similar reasons, although it's very, very different: Varanasi in India. It felt like the end of the world to me, in a good way
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    (Original post by rad_student)
    Do many visitors go there, or is it a tourist trap? Do we need GP visit/inoculation/precautions before entering? Won't mind seeing the lay of the land to get a...I'll stop digging now.
    LMAO. I don't even.. what just happened?
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    The town I was born and grew up - Cuijk, Netherlands


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