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Sim City 5 arriving in 2013

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    Return of THE best city building game.

    Shame we haven't got any actual gameplay footage yet but nice to know that it's actually in development.
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    wonder how the online aspect works
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    (Original post by internet tough guy)
    wonder how the online aspect works
    Not too sure either :rolleyes:
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    I always went bust in Sim City 4.
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    (Original post by Mr Smurf)
    I always went bust in Sim City 4.
    That's where the money cheat came in useful

    Was a bitch though, only gave you £1,000 everytime you used it so you had to spam it in order to get anywhere
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    I seen a few videos yesterday. Im assuming that is just a very early demo and not indicative of the final product? It looks a little...basic.
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    Although I'm looking forward to this, I hope that they don't go for the Sim City Societies' simplistic approach.
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    It looks cool but I'm wondering about the online play... if they embed Facebook I'd be so annoyed.
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    looks amazing i hope world doesn't end in 2012
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    Techy city vs. Industrial city? Urgh. Looks dangerously like Societies.

    Still, I'll live in hope that EA won't put the final nail in the coffin of this once great series.
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    A lot of the SimCity 4 buildings look like they have been ported but made 3D... :erm: Oh well.

    A decade for a (hopefully) proper sequel... it better be good.
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    (Original post by Mr Smurf)
    I always went bust in Sim City 4.
    SC4 was easy. No need to build schools, fire stations, police stations, mass transit or even water infrastructure in a small city so to begin with all you need to pay for is roads and power. Then add the above things as your surplus becomes big enough.
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    I don't know about you guys, but is anyone else afraid that this might be another money-grab from EA? I seriously hope that with today's tech this game is able to improve on Sim City 3000 & 4. However with EA's recent antics in killing off & milking dead franchises I don't really know.
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    I would be surprised if there wasn't a huge amount of DLC like in The Sims but after Sim City Societies sold like 7 copies, I think they realise that the base game needs to be good and it needs to be proper Sim City.


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Updated: March 14, 2012
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