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Family relationships in 'a view from the bridge' and 'all my sons by Arthur Miller'?

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    For an A level essay I need to compare and contrast these two plays focusing on the way family life and relationships are portrayed. I am a bit confused at the moment. If anyone can help me I would throughly appreciate it.
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    'All My Sons' is about the destruction of family relationships. Miller creates a very 'normal' atmosphere by having the characters have a very colloquial, almost boring dialogue, to reflect the fact the Keller's are meant to be a family typical of the time. There is only one setting, which could be seen as claustrophobic, but it also creates a secure and safe, ironic as this does not reflect what the Keller's relationship is or will become. It also creates a sense of community, with the neighbours continuously visiting to see them, one of Keller's realisations is that those pilots that died were in theory "all his sons".

    Mainly it is greed and secrecy that holds together and breaks their family relationships. I have not read "A View from the Bridge" but hopefully this helps slightly for you to compare and contrast


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Updated: March 15, 2012
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