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HTC desire in built wi-fi router

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    Is it a good idea to use the HTC's in built wifi to use as a main router as connection to the internet for my PC as my other router does not work
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    (Original post by 01jtiong)
    Is it a good idea to use the HTC's in built wifi to use as a main router as connection to the internet for my PC as my other router does not work
    I've used my HTC as a wifi router a few times to gain internet access from my laptop when other alternatives were not available. It does eat your data allowance though (unless you have unlimited access which my contract does not include). I would not consider it a secure connection though if that is what you are asking.
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    Well my bf uses his phone (huawei blaze) and my Xperia Arc S as portable wi fi hotspots for his iPad.

    We only use this for less data intenstive stuff like emailing, web browing and social networking when it is better to have a bigger screen. YT & streaming videos would rape the data allowance & make a mess of our phone bills.
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    I quite often use mine as my work laptop has had a marital with the wifi at home :grumble: It's not brilliant but ok for short periods, however it doesn't take much to get through your allowance, as said above.
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    Not really. Because this action ['tethering'] is often exempt from data allowances - you'll incur HUGE charges.


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