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Help! Don't know what to wear to meet my bf's mum!

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    (Original post by tonberry)
    :rofl: I'm sorry but when someone needs to go on a ****ing internet forum to ask randomers what to wear for meeting someone's mum, there's a bigger issue
    we are all losers using this place so give it a rest.
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    Ah this old chestnut.

    When I met my boyfriend's parental unit for the first time it was sprung on me, like 'ooh I know come meet ma and pa, it'll be good'. Bad, distressing times. I was wearing extremely low-rise glittery trousers (they're ace I swear) and a crop top that was also quite booby. His dad was initially very confused. But on the whole I don't think anyone gave a flying foo.

    Wear something COMFY, probably something you've worn before (nothing worse than wearing a new outfit at a vital moment and realising it doesn't fit right). Then concentrate on charming her with your wisdom and wit.
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    (Original post by tonberry)
    :rofl: I'm sorry but when someone needs to go on a ****ing internet forum to ask randomers what to wear for meeting someone's mum, there's a bigger issue
    If you're so caught up on how this is such a non-issue why are you making a non-issue of a non-issue? Non-issueception much?

    If you're so fantastic I don't see you out there in Africa right now solving those issues.
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    leather and latex. shock and awe is the startergy here.

    Nah, just go with something laid back, checked shirt and jeans!
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    (Original post by geetar)

    You can get all that for only £35! Bargainmart.
    Jus' saying that you're getting ripped off
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    thanks a lot for all "normal" answers x
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    Casual and not too try hard - jeans and blouse, perhaps.
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    I think a nice sweater, a tank top and a pair of jeans are ok. If anything you can wear a cute dress but make sure its not too short, your bf's mom might get the wrong impression.

    Hope this helps.
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    Nothing too racy to give his dad a lob on!


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Updated: April 8, 2012
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