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Hit a large drawing/art block

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    I've never been an amazing artist but I do enjoy turning my hand to the paper occasionally. As a kid I was always doodling and drawing, but 99% of the time my subject matter was horses (being a horse mad teen) and as such as my art skill in other areas has never really gone anywhere...

    Some of my older work:

    Sorry for the crappy BB pic, this is one that I'm currently working on:

    Basically I'd like some advice on how to broaden my skills from just crappy horses to actual... I dunno, art work?!
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    Maybe try drawing pictures of people from photographs... just using pencil/ink
    then move on to colour
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    Get a small sketch pad and sketch people on the bus. You are lucky you can do horses! I've never gotten the hang of animals, apart from cats. But then again cats sit still for very long periods of time and are the perfect life model.
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    Practice drawing things directly observed. You could try setting up your own still life and sketching it from a variety of angles. Or set up a mirror and create a self portrait. Go outside and observe the nature. Practice a wide variety of different subjects and develop your work based on what you feel most inspired by. Good luck!
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    Thanks guys... I seem to have started another horses head But I had a crack at drawing a person from a photo and I just can't seem to get it right. Practice makes perfect though, so carry on I will!
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    Well if you're crazy about horses, make some more creative artwork with them as a subject, rather than just these simple sketches. They're good sketches though.
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    (Original post by Imamomobird)
    Well if you're crazy about horses, make some more creative artwork with them as a subject, rather than just these simple sketches. They're good sketches though.
    Ohhhh now that's a plan When I go home for easter next week I'll have more access to better supplies etc. so I can have a go at not being so conventional!


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