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Art Foundation 2012: Oxford Brookes or City & Guilds?

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    I'm a French student living in London. I want to study art at Foundation level starting in September and just got offered a place on the foundation course both at oxford Brookes and City & Guilds.
    The problem is, I cannot make a decision. I have been for the past few days weighting the pros and the cons of each uni but I still haven't chosen.

    City & Guilds: I fell in love with this school since i first opened the door on an open day. It is the school of my dreams. Everything there is about art, and I love that it only takes 60 students on the course. On the other hand, there aren't any halls, and the student life ain't amazing. Also, even if I'm under 19 there are quite expensive fees to pay...

    Oxford Brookes: a huge uni with many students in Oxford, which means a great student life. On the + side, moving to Oxford would mean having my own flat, living in halls, which is kinda cool but the art department in itself isn't as exciting as City & Guilds' , and student life is expensice (halls, self-catering etc..)

    City & Guilds have given me until the 19th of March to reply...

    What should I do?? Please anyone

    Foundation is only one year, so you should think ahead about what you want to do afterwards. I presume you want to study art - would you like to do it in Oxford or London? If I were you I'd go for Oxford, but I hate London

    i'd say go where you're going to benefit the most from the course - you're going to have three years to experience uni, and most people do their art foundation at a local college anyway, so i'd say go with city & guilds if you can afford it. then after that, live out your student life when you're doing your degree!

    i'm going to city and guilds next year for foundation!
    I wasn't sure what to do either whether to choose somewhere with a better student life, but it's only 6 months and i think you'll get a better education just choose somewhere next year which is bigger for your degree!
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    I sent my letters today.
    I chose City & Guilds and I'm really looking forward to September! (I actually cannot wait!!)

    LEN17, where are you from?

    yaaay! ill see you next year then!
    i'm from london not that far from city and guilds, what about you?
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    I'm from Paris, France but I live in wimbledon
    Can't wait til' september i want to start now haha!

    Anyone else had an offer from City & Guilds?

    i just got an offer to city and guilds! i'm pretty sure i'm going to accept, i'm really happy


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