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Where do you read?

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    Well, as the title says, I very recently fell in love in reading... I have never read a book from cover to cover in my life. Now I am 25 and I just fell in love with reading...

    Currently reading "The Prophecy" by Chris Kuzneski, I am almost 3rd way through and this would be my first ever book to read from cover to cover.

    I do have a question though... Where do you guys read? In bed? sofa? chair? any special type of chair you find comfortable to be in? do you have some sort of reading sanctuary? or do you just your local libraries/cafes...etc

    I want to be able to sit somewhere and just dive into the wonderful world of imagination which is triggered by books... any ideas?
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    That's great to hear you've discovered the joys of reading. I usually read in bed, though my arms can get tired.
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    I have to move about because my arms get tired. It actually depends on how far I am into the book, simply because if you're not very far (or too far) then you can't fold the book over. And I hate reading hardbacks - for me to be comfortable, that requires sitting up. :p:
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    I like reading in the bathroom, like in the bath when it's empty, in bed or in the car.
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    bed or living room by the furnace and reclining chair
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    On the train with a long journey ahead of you is great. Otherwise in bed lying on one side and flipping over to read other sides of pages rather than raising the book.
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    Living room, preferrably. Coffee shop otherwise.
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    I usually read in bed although in halls of residence I'm finding it increasingly difficult to get lost in a book because there's so much noise all the time. Anyway, I tend to start sat up, and then I roll onto my right arm, and then onto my back, and then back to sitting up again, depending on how tired I get. When I move into my own flat next year I'm going to get a really comfy sofa just to read on
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    Mainly bed but I love reading on long train journeys with my iPod and a coffee.
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    I read everywhere. Bathtub, bed, couch... And when I go on holidays I take a suitcase full of books and read on the beach
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    Usually in my Bed starting sitting up then I slowly slouch until I'm lying down lol whilst I love my books I love using my Kindle to read as there isn't a much arm ache involved.
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    living room, bed, train, bus. to be honest i read everywhere as long as i don't have anything important to do at the time
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    Mainly sitting down on a comfy chair in my room or in coffee shops.
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    In bed, always.
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    Depends on what kind of book I am reading. If it is a non-fiction and a serious book, I tend to read it on a chair because I like to make few notes. If it's a light fiction book, I read it in my bed.
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    In bed - prefer sitting up

    Comfy sofas at home or in cafes

    Outside in summer on park benches, under trees, lying on the grass...

    Trains, tube, buses

    I have been known to read while walking down the street if I get off the tube at a good part....
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    Usually the sofa but I love reading on the train as well. When I get off it feels like I've just woken up
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    Plenty of good answers here! thanks
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    Bed or sofa. I don't get people who read on trains, or on exercise bikes, or in shops. There's too much distraction going on.
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    Literally anywhere. Usually I read in bed but I try to read as much as possible (especially when I am particularly engrossed in a book) and will read anywhere from a park bench to on a bus.
    I have a kindle though, which makes it easier to just whip a book out anywhere.
    My arms die a bit in bed though


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