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Memory Loss

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    My half brother is in the army but he is being discharged soon because he is suffering from memory loss apparentley he can't remember a thing at all from the last two years. He hadn't been to war or anything but he had been beaten up by some gypsy's one night, he was in a car crash which threw him from the army vehicle and apparentley some girl he liked from the army killed herself so it seems like it could be a mental or physical thing that's caused it. I have only found out today and I don't know much more about him

    But does anyone know what the possible cause of this could be what would cause memory loss for two years and could his memory come back?, I only met him two years ago aswell so I'm worried he might not even remember me at all.
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    Memory loss is a natural response to trauma, which (it sounds like) your half-brother has experienced quite a lot of. Obviously no one on here can diagnose for certain but you might want to look up things like post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. The most important thing is to get your half-brother medical attention as soon as he's discharged. Don't let him try and deal with this by himself :nah:
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    Treatment of memory loss is a psychological game to help enhance memory. Mystery, puzzle and memory games, puzzle games, some examples. These are the older people are also very useful because it helps improve cognitive functions .


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Updated: March 23, 2012
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