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Worst advert on TV of all time?

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    simple thread

    the ones i hate at the moment are the mcdonalds one where the womans having a scan on the baby and the man walks in with the burger and goes "just picked up a burger for 99p" im like good for you.
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    Any half time advert during a football game.
    People are mostly in the toilet or just want to discuss the game not listen to crap about bet365 and guiness beer
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    the one with the bear/rabbit/human midget who is taking on the 'big guys' for compensation. just **** off.
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    ha ha yeah that´s a brilliant one...
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    Old school Frosties ad. /thread
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    (Original post by shereez234)
    Doesn't that make you proud to be British though? It's a tad long I admit.

    The worst are the toothpaste ones where some guy picks a stranger and runs a magic machine over their teeth to find out how much crap is in their mouth. The computer making stupid sounds with sci-fi graphics piss me off so much.
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    (Original post by coca)
    Nooo I love this its so fun
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    them go comparte adverts.
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    those Betfair adverts at half time during football matches.
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    That fat man singing go compare. Just **** off
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    Goooo compaaaaaaaaaare
    goooo compaaaaaaaaaare
    when you insure
    you must be sure to
    go compare!
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    (Original post by coca)

    The little girl in this is obviously such a show off!

    TBH most adverts are pretty bad.
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    ... PPI was mis-sold if you didn't need, want, or ask for it...
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    They're gonna taste great, they're gonna taste great, I can hear the sound of frostie's hitting my plate.

    You know what else would taste great? Me shoving my foot so far up your arse that you can lick my toes. dick.
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    Really grinds my gears that one.


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Updated: March 19, 2012
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