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CRB Check - Has anyone had problems with a caution?

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    (Original post by Kirstin88)
    I am on a primary education degree, I have a caution from 7 years ago, when I was 19 for fraud, using another person's details to buy an item. I've been asked to come for a meeting with my uni due to them just seeing on my dbs form, the caution. They've said the outcome could result in my place on the course being terminated. Could they do that even if I admitted to the caution on my application?
    cautions are legally meant to be removed after 6 years i would contact the police about this.are you sure it was 7 years ago?

    hi David
    I am an ex OU student. 6 years ago i received a caution which was based on road rage. Suffice to say, If I had elected to go to a Magistrate's Court, i could have proved mitigating circumstances.
    However, i was terrified and took the caution. It was during the course of my divorce. I am now
    happily settled in a flat, and we are looking forward to a visit by one of the Royal Family. I
    have put my name down to be on the reception "committee" and I have just been told that the
    Office Manager is sending the list of name to the "Palace" My query is:- will the Palace query my inclusion, and is my landlord likely to find out details of the caution?
    Thanking you in advance
    Jennifer Cook (Mrs)

    this is rubbish! i have a few spent convictions from my earlier days and had no issues when working in social work because none of my convictions were related to children. i have also worked in publishing and other 'worthwhile' jobs.


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Updated: October 29, 2014
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